Speaker: Joan VanBecelaere

Pause, Breathe, Love

Widening Our Circle of Compassion to “Enemies”

These are crazy times. Not only are we worried about masks, the economy, social distancing and death tolls – we also find ourselves concerned about people who think the pandemic is a hoax and the “end times” are immanent. … read more.

Hope in a Time of Doneness

Widening our Vision for the Future

We hear folk say they are “done with” the pandemic and they are “done with” with poltics. Unfortunately, neither politics nor the pandemic are done with us, What can we expect of the future? Can we envision a way forward … read more.

Reaching Back for the Future

There is plenty to criticize about our religious ancestors, the Pilgrims and Puritans. But there are also some things we can learn from their story. There is a Ghanian proverb: “It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten.” Learning from … read more.