Courage to Part the Waters

Annual Water Ceremony. This morning we lift up the element of Water and what it means to have courage to face, or part the proverbial waters of life’s challenges. This morning we will have a reverse water communion. Instead of bringing water to share, we are gifting water from previous water communions to you. These are perfect for you home altar, meditations, and your own spiritual practices – all while being interconnected with our community.

Message from Reopening Team
We have limited capacity but welcome you to attend in person or watch the live Youtube stream at 10am

We’re all in this together and we’ll find space to accommodate everyone who comes whether it be in the worship center, Beach Hall or outdoor spaces.

Coffee will not be served but people are welcome to bring a non-spill, non-stain drink to enjoy during and after the service.

We encourage people to gather outside before and after the service, weather permitting, to connect with each other.

Families with children are invited to participate in outdoor RE or participate in the worship service (Wee worship and Slowter lounge are especially family-friendly places).

For those joining the service online, we are looking for hosts for online coffee hour. Please contact Rev. Marian.

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