Countering White Supremacy in Ohio

It has been one year since we all witnessed, via video, the murder in Minneapolis of George Floyd by police.   The outrage spread across the country and was expressed in protests, including here in Columbus.

As a direct result of Black organizers and allies using our First Amendment rights to free speech, the Ohio legislature has prepared 3 responses:  First, 4 anti-protest bills; next voter suppression bills; and finally, attempts to throw out the legislation that supports a bi-partisan redistricting process.  These are all examples of institutional White Supremacy in Ohio.

First UU members have been learning to counter White Supremacy this past year, in various ways.  We have attended rallies and protests.  We have been learning, through webinars, conferences, anti-racist trainings, and through book discussion groups.  You will hear about the actions First UU has taken together and from members who are currently reflecting on Isabel Wilkerson’s book Caste:  The Origins of our Discontents.

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