Rev Talk – June 15, 2022

Dear First UUers,

Power is out on a rolling basis. According to AEP, it might be another day or so before it is back to normal.

PLEASE CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FELLOW FIRST UUers. Do old-fashioned phone trees if you can.

Offer space if your house has power. Offer freezer space if you have it. Take someone somewhere that is needed.

Some areas in the state are served by non-AEP companies. If you have friends or family, you might want to visit them.

Yes, I heard everyone at the meeting about the directories. We will get the directory issue fixed over the summer. In the meantime, try your best to make sure everyone is OK.

Do what you can to stay cool. Make sure you and your pets have plenty of water.

Check our Facebook page for updates and list of cooling stations. Office on Aging is delivering meals for those 60 and over. AEP also has a fund for food replacement benefits.

The church has had intermittent power, but mostly not.

Call or email me if you need anything.

Try to stay cool,
Rev. Marian

Having Fun Gulping Water

This Coming Sunday
Service @ 10am

In-person AND live-stream


First UU’s Anti-Racist Allies Group
and Amanda Hays

In Galveston, Texas on June Ninteenth, 1865, two and a half years after the Emmancipation Proclamation, the last remaining legal slaves in the United States were freed. So often, justice and liberation come later than we expected. Or we find out that a freedom or privelege we enjoy isn’t equally experienced by others. Let’s celebrate Juneteenth and learn about how we can become a more liberating and muliticultural community.

Chancel Designs are created by Su Farnlacher and Denise Deschenes.

Last Sunday’s Service


Rainbows of Our Lives

First UU’s Rainbow Connexion
and Rev. Marian

Watch Previous Sunday Services Here
Billy Davidson, Board Vice-Chair; Jan Phillips, Board Chair

We had a quorum!

Thank you to everyone for attending and participating in the Annual Congregational Meeting last Sunday.  Special thanks to the Board and staff for leading, facilitating, and sharing.
Chalice is from the UU Community Church of Washington County, Hillsboro, OR.

Celebration of Life Services

We will share information on upcoming services as we know the dates and details. As they say, watch this space…

Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

This week we catch up on Joys and Sorrows from the last Sunday.

Caring Cards  and Joys and Sorrows from Sunday:

  • We send loving energy to all those celebrating PRIDE. May you be safe and enjoy the festivities.
  • Gretchen Faulstich: I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (not a recurrence, but in the other breast). It’s small, 1A, I’ve had surgery to remove it, and will be starting radiation this week. Should be no big deal. Still, it’s hard to talk about, hard even to think about. Hope all goes well Gretchen!

  • Blake Hutchinson is concerned that people with children unlike myself, still have to fear if their children are coming home again when they leave for school each morning. We share in your fear and are sorry it is this way.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


Our Share-the-Plate recipients for June is Kaleidoscope Youth Center.



On your own terms. In your own power. This intentional, expressive community is youth-informed and youth-led. Meaning everything you’ll find in our center is designed for and by young people like you. Our diverse, experienced staff work alongside queer youth to create free programming, housing, and support services here in Columbus, and all over the state of Ohio. 

For more information about Kaleidoscope, visit

Our donations have a bigger impact when we give together. Please go to to support our church and our Share-the-Plate offerings.

Click to Donate to Share-the-Plate
Feeding the wildlife…
What do you want as we come back?
… coffee, greeters, teachers, helpers, A/V, Sunday readers, leaders, …

This is OUR church.

We make it what it is.

Volunteer opportunities abound.

Send Kelli any requests along with your availability. 🙂

Worship Team

Interested in presenting a service this summer?

The Worship Team is re-forming. We are looking for diversity of people, ideas, and experiences. Contact Su or Rev. Marian if you are interested.


For your protection from scammers, we have an OPT IN directory. You have to let us know if you want your name and contact information included!

If you do not let us know using the OPT IN option, you will not be included. And your church friends have a hard time reaching out to you.

If you would like to be included in the directory, please fill out this membership update form and let us know which information you would and wouldn’t like listed.

If you are a member and would like a copy of the directory, please contact Marian Garcia in the front office.

OPT IN to be listed in the DIRECTORY
First UU Reopening Status:
Masks Strongly Encouraged

Effective: April 8, 2022
modified May 8, 2002
Covid case numbers are rising even though the risk is still rated as “LOW”, we strongly recommend indoor mask usage.

We monitor the guidelines from the CDC and COVID tracking systems, and as conditions warrant, we update our First UU policies.
We encourage wearing masks as well as continued good hygiene practices. These include hand washing, sneezing into elbow, etc. as well as staying home when you are sick or not feeling well.  

  • Individuals: Masks are encouraged.
  • Small Groups: Masks are encouraged, especially if a group member requests mask usage.
  • Leaders: Make informed decisions on behalf of larger groups. This applies to services, music, events, etc. Leaders are empowered to require masks as deemed appropriate.
  • Space Usage: Continue to use additional ventilation (open doors/windows, fans) and favor open spaces. The building has high-quality ventilation systems. Masks are available.
This guidance is all about personal responsibility for self and others. We are a loving and caring community, and we are respectful of personal decisions to wear or not wear a mask. Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we work together to stay healthy and end this pandemic.