Rev Talk – April 28, 2022

Conversation and musings from Rev. Marian…

A little more on flowers…

The science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery and the awe of a flower.”

–Richard Feynman in Ode to a Flower

In thinking more about flowers – and our flower ceremony – I’d like to share a perspective of beauty from a scientist’s point of view.

Here are the words of Nobel-winning physicist Richard Feynman as related by Maria Popova in her blog, The Marginalian.

I have a friend who’s an artist and has sometimes taken a view which I don’t agree with very well. He’ll hold up a flower and say “look how beautiful it is,” and I’ll agree. Then he says “I as an artist can see how beautiful this is but you as a scientist take this all apart and it becomes a dull thing,” and I think that he’s kind of nutty. First of all, the beauty that he sees is available to other people and to me too, I believe…

I can appreciate the beauty of a flower. At the same time, I see much more about the flower than he sees. I could imagine the cells in there, the complicated actions inside, which also have a beauty. I mean it’s not just beauty at this dimension, at one centimeter; there’s also beauty at smaller dimensions, the inner structure, also the processes. The fact that the colors in the flower evolved in order to attract insects to pollinate it is interesting; it means that insects can see the color. It adds a question: does this aesthetic sense also exist in the lower forms? Why is it aesthetic? All kinds of interesting questions which the science knowledge only adds to the excitement, the mystery and the awe of a flower. It only adds. I don’t understand how it subtracts.

As we move into May and explore our new monthly theme of Nuturing Beauty, these are good questions to ponder.

How do you see beauty in your life?
Can you participate by adding beauty to the world around us?
Can the presence of beauty make this world a better place?

Let me know your thoughts.

🙂 Rev. Marian

Flowers from Flower Ceremony…

These are the flowers that went home with Rev. Marian. What flower(s) were you blessed with?

more flowers found in the neighborhood…

Happy Birthday!

On Sunday, we celebrated Bob Letcher’s birthday during Coffee Hour with a delicious cake complete with strawberries, kiwis, and good wishes.
Columbus Women’s Chorus in Concert
May 1st at 3pm
First UU Sanctuary

Tickets available at the door.

First UU Concert Series

Sunday, May 8

Potawatomi Singer/Songwriter

Elexa Dawson

Concert with Artist Talk

You can read more about and listen to Elexa at
A freewill offering will be taken.
First UUers are invited to a
Community Benefit Concert for Ukrainian Refugees
The concert will be headlined by Ukrainian virtuoso violinist Arkadiy Gips, who was featured on two world tours with Madonna, and by singer/songwriter Eric Gnezda, creator of the PBS series Songs at the Center.

Riffe Center: Davidson Theatre
7:30pm Wednesday, May 4th

A suggested donation of $20 for individuals/$40 for families will be accepted at the door.

All donations to the Ukraine War Relief Fund will support humanitarian assistance in impacted communities in Ukraine and surrounding regions where Ukrainian refugees have fled. The fund is administered by the Grace Evangelical Church, Grove City, which is working with churches in Europe to provide transportation, shelter, food, and medical supplies for displaced Ukrainians both in Europe and Ukraine.

 This Coming Sunday
Service @ 10am

In-person AND live-stream

Interludes and Inflections with a side of Grit
Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

May Day is the halfway point between the Spring equinox and Summer Solstice. It is also a time inbetween planting and harvest when the stores are low. What do we do when we’re in that time when the old is gone or no longer working and the new isn’t quite yet here? Could that opening expose something deep in our core? It might be more exciting than you think!

Join us after the service for Coffee and Community Time. It’s a great way to socialize and get to know one another. 

In-person: Join us in Beach Hall
Online: links will be sent Sunday morning.

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Last Sunday’s Service


“Awake to Listen” 

Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart
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Celebration of Life Services

Linda Keith: postponed to later date

Tom Beerman: Sunday, May 15th at 2pm

Robert Hughes: Saturday, May 21st at 3pm

Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

This week we catch up on Joys and Sorrows from the last Sunday.

Caring Cards  and Joys and Sorrows from Sunday, April 24:

  • Condolences are sent to Jack and Sheila Holdford and their family upon the death of Jack’s father, Arthur, who passed away on April 21. Jack was able to be with his father and was holding his hand as he passed away.
  • Lisa Olendorp asked us to please remember her cousin’s daughter in your thoughts and prayers.  She is having surgery for cancer on Wednesday.
  • Susan and David Carr let us know that their daughter and her family are quarantining since our 2 year old granddaughter has Covid. She is one of 5 kids in her preschool that has tested positive.
  • Happy Birthday to Julian Larson, who is celebrating his 87th birthday on Tuesday, April 26.
  • Jasper F congratulations to Julian for graduating OSU with a Bachelor’s in Linguistics.
  • Online participant: This is my first time attending a UU service (I’m online). I’m struggling with severe anxiety and fears of my own eventual mortality, and seeking deeper connection with my spirituality.  Welcome. We’re glad you joined us and hope you find a spiritual home at First UU.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


Our Share-the-Plate recipients for May is Pathway Clubhouse.

Pathway Clubhouse provides a friendly, communal space for adults living with mental illness in Franklin County to participate in the development of social relationships, employment and education opportunities, and community involvement. Using the Clubhouse Model, our psychosocial rehabilitation program hopes to empower its members through participation in new experiences while engaging with fellow members around the Clubhouse.

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Effective: April 8, 2022
Due to reduced case numbers and changing guidelines from the CDC and COVID tracking systems, First UU is updating its re-opening policies. As conditions warrant, these policies may change.

The two schools that meet at First UU, SYC and Red Oak, are now mask optional. In the larger community, almost all restrictions for public spaces have been rescinded.

We encourage wearing masks as well as continued good hygiene practices. These include hand washing, sneezing into elbow, etc. as well as staying home when you are sick or not feeling well.

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