Rev Talk 9-16-2021

Rev. Talk

Conversation and musings from Rev. Marian…
We did it! It worked!

“Loved it.” “Wow!” “Amazing.” “So proud.”

And… “I felt so connected.”

The feedback keeps rolling in. Our grand experiment – forced by these times (and loooong-overdue) – worked. After months of research, learning, acquiring equipment, training, experimenting, and more learning, we launched our very first, official, First UU Live-stream. And, it was a fabulous success.

THANK YOU to everyone who helped, especially Billy DavidsonAndi Morcharski, and Brian Hagemann.  They have put in hours and hours and hours to make live-stream a reality. Along the way, they’ve also added T-loop in the sanctuary, Slowter Lounge, and Beach Hall. Plans include adding multi-platform capability to the Library and a classroom.

Thank you also to everyone who helped us experiment, including those of you who tuned-in on Sunday. Your feedback was so supportive and welcomed. Keep on, keeping on.

This week, we are making a few adjustments to make the experience even better. And, we’ll keep tweaking and learning. A new remote control for slides this week, a new camera angle coming soon, added content, picture-in-picture, etc. Once you get started and folks say YES!, we just keep getting better.

Don’t you just love it when WE are living into the best of what we can be. By adding additional ways to join our services (events, meetings, etc.), we are leaning into connection and being truly accessible. In turn, our First UU community becomes a more interconnected web, adding more depth and texture to our diversity and experiences. This is a gift for all of us. It also helps First UU live into its flagship status and be a leader of liberal religion and values in Columbus and beyond.

I am so proud of everyone.

See you Sunday on live-stream or at church,
🙂 Rev. Marian

Summer Quilt Project

Your quilt squares assembled into quilts! The finished works of creativity are hanging in the Welcome Hall as you enter the main doors at church.Thank you to all who expressed your UU values by being creative this summer. Special thanks to Deb Baillieul for being the project-meister!

Pastoral Ministry Update

The Board of Trustees is in the process of putting a Search Group together to find a minister to help us with pastoral care leadership for the remainder of the church year. In the meantime, Rev. Isabel is with us through the end of this month. The Pastoral and Caring teams continue to be there for us. Rev. Marian will also offer pastoral care as needed. We are a caring community and so many people make this a reality. It is foundational to who we are as a community. If you need anything, let us know! We are here for you.
A fresh coat of paint…
The Welcome Hall, Sanctuary, Slowter Lounge, and hallway are getting their first coat of paint since the worship center addition was built in the early 1990s.Brighter light too…
Thank you also to Christine and Billy Davidson for helping us add extensions to the overhead cam lights in the sanctuary and replacing the lightbulbs with LED bulbs. Everything is so much brighter now.

Auction Fun!

Thanks Angela Rupert for hosting a rooftop gathering. Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Baby on the way…

Meet and Greet Open House
for Amanda and Jim

Amanda, our First UU Justice Coordinator, and husband Jim Hays will soon be welcoming a baby into their lives. We would like to help them celebrate on
Sunday, September 26th
11:30am to 12:30pm
outside at First UU

(patio area off Weisheimer)
All are welcome, including families and children.

Gifts are not necessary, but if you would like to give them a gift, there are two options:

1. Donate to the group gift–a baby-to-toddler car seat (email Rev. Lynda Smith at to get her address for mailing a check); or

2. Bring a book: Board and fabric books are nice for young hands, especially books that are written by authors of Color and books that are science-themed. Please note, Amanda and Jim will be taking the books home to open.

3. Sign up at the Open House to be on Amanda and Jim’s Meal Train email list.

If you would like to help with the planning of this fun celebration, please email Lynda at

First UU’s Board of Trustees is Listening…

Our Compensation Listening Sessions are continuing.  We have added another session to the schedule, on Sunday, the 26th.

Sign up here, to join the discussion.
We want to hear from you.
Saturday, September 25th (9:00-10:15 AM)
Sunday, September 26th (11:15–12:30 PM)
Tuesday, September 28th (7:00-8:15 PM)

Justice Corner

Amanda Hays, Justice Coordinator

For the latest in First UU Justice News, click the button below.

Justice Update

Upcoming Sunday Service at 10am

“Beginning from Here”
Minister: Rev. Dr. Marian StewartWe’ve been rattled. We’ve been shaken. And if its a word, we’ve been pandemicked. It is hard to tell where we are. As we journey forth, we take time to look at the lessons of Yom Kippur. Not just lessons of forgiveness for others, but also for ourselves. Could it be our own (fill-in-your-obstacle) that is keeping us from embracing possibility?

Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

Caring Cards/Announcements

  • Congratulations to Kathleen Fowler. Kathleen is being awarded a Living Faith Award at a breakfast on Sept. 23, 2021 at First Community Church’s North Campus. Living Faith Awards are given through the Spirituality Network in honor of individuals whose efforts help create a more hopeful, peaceful, and faithful world. She is being given this award for her work since the pandemic began connecting individuals in the Women to Women Ministry program virtually and holding twice monthly virtual anti-racism book discussions among women to challenge racial bias.
  • Congratulations to Rev. Joan Van Becelaere: Rev. Joan, the Executive Director of UU Justice Ohio, is being awarded a Living Faith Award at a breakfast on Sept. 23, 2021 at First Community North Campus.  Living Faith Awards are given through the Spirituality Network in honor of individuals whose efforts help create a more hopeful, peaceful, and faithful world. She is receiving the Alvin Hadley Social Justice Award.
  • We send our care and concern to the extended family of Karen Nekervis. Karen’s nephew, Kenneth, is having a serious health crisis and started radiation therapy last week in Tennessee. Karen asks us to send him our love and healing energy.  We also send our care to his mother, Janet (Karen’s sister), his sister and cousins.
  • We send our sympathy to the extended family of Lynda and Stuart Smith. Don Wildes, the husband of Linda’s sister, Catherine, died September 4th. He is the father of Travis and Cody Wildes.
  • We send our deepest sympathy to Janet Mangini. Janet’s husband, Mark, experienced a heart attack Wednesday evening. He died unexpectedly, but peacefully, on Thursday night.

Joys and Sorrows are shared last Sunday

  • Laura Hartman: A co-worker of my had surgery for breast cancer this week, and will be beginning radiation treatments soon.
  • Deb McGuire: My 26 year old nephew Aaron has died of Covid. He was unvaccinated and leaves behind his wife and 1 year old son.
  • Brian Hagemann: Grieving the lost of my aunt and a young cousin to covid last week… thankful for reconnecting with that family during this time.
  • Kerrianne Wolf: My father who will be entering Hospice care this week.
  • Patrick Fowler: With joy, Patrick will be turning 9 years old this week.
  • Emily: My 8-month old daughter started saying mama for the first time.
  • Smith Family: Joyful and thankful for all the talent and resources that made this new live stream experience possible!
  • Laura, Dennis, and Danaya: Our long-time next-door neighbor, Victor, died recently. He was 97-years old, a WWII veteran, and sort of another grandfather to Danaya. We all loved him.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


UU the VOTE 

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for September is UU the VOTE. UU The Vote is a project of the Unitarian Universalist Association that supports UUs across the country working for democracy by registering and engaging voters, fighting voter suppression, and increasing civic engagement. UU the VOTE invests in local organizing in places where it will make the most difference. For the 2020 election, UU the VOTE helped fund Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio and its work in the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition. UU the VOTE is gearing up for the upcoming election cycles. For more information, go to

Our donations have a bigger impact when we give together. Please go to to support our church and our Share-the-Plate offerings.

Re-Opening Status

The Coordinating Team (CT) and the Re-opening Task Force work together each week to look the pandemic caseload numbers. We use the Risk Mitigation Chart the Re-opening Task Force built based on research, to base our decisions about building capacities for in-person services, meetings, and events. This week Columbus continues to register in the Critical red zone for Franklin County and the surrounding area. You can view the chart and get more information by clicking the link below.Current status (updated weekly and posted in Rev. Talk):

  • Sunday services:
    • Single service at 10am
    • Live-streamed service via church Youtube channel (link will be sent prior to service)
    • In-person with limited capacity in the Sanctuary with overflow into Beach Hall (Note: both areas are now wired for audio and video. New T-loop system works in both areas and Slowter Lounge)
    • Masks and social-distancing required in the building at all times
  • Coffee Hour:
    • Outside weather permitting with BYO coffee/tea/etc.
    • No inside eating or drinking (masks on)
    • Zoom coffee hour continues but need hosts for fourth and fifth Sundays (contact Rev. Marian)
  • RE:
    • Outside and Online RE
  • Classes, meetings, etc. (reserve space with Marian Garcia)
    • Varies by group, but generally,
      • outdoors or online only
  • Music
    • No indoor singing (high risk activity)
    • Choirs follow Brandon, Michaela, and Barb’s direction
  • Contract Tracing
    • All groups should keep a list of attendees for possible contact tracing if someone tests positive. Send the attendance lists to Marian Garcia in the office.
First UU Re-Opening Hub

Want to meet?
Outside is a great option.
Check our website for updated information, including a Pandemic Covenant, and space request forms.


Live-stream @ 10am
(No passcode required)
Invite your friends and family. All are welcome.Online Coffee Hour @ 11am
Passcode: uu
Bring your coffee, tea, or water and join us for post-service discussion with fellow First UUers. 

Calendar events, announcements, and updates can be accessed on our website.