Rev. Talk 12-16-2021

Conversation and musings from Rev. Marian…
It’s the holidays!

In spite of all that is – the hardness, the tensions, the sadness – I still get excited when I see all the holiday lights sparkle and blink. Normally, I’m more of a plaid shirt type of person, but there’s something about the efforts to bring light into dark spaces that lifts my spirits. Sometimes, even the kid in me comes out.

I find that I need the holiday spirit even more this year. Almost two years of pandemic and assorted other stuff, not to mention an insurrection, wildfires, and tornadoes, I’m pretty fried. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But the holidays offer a chance to see that there is still light in the world and in our hearts.

Light comes in many ways. Last Sunday, it felt so good to see so many cars parked in our parking lot. Not cars for the school or even neighborhood overflow, but cars that we drove. Just seeing the simple sign of life brought tears to my eyes. It felt like our church was home again. And many of you said the same thing. The music and choirs were the perfect sparkle, highlighting that moment of homecoming.

What are the moments where you find light in your heart? Do any of them add extra sparkle? For this holiday season, instead of sharing stories with loved ones, family, and friends of how awful things are in the world/pandemic/weather/politics/etc…, experiment with conversations centered on things that bring light and sparkle. It is possible that joy is more contagious than the latest variant. Let me know what you discover.

Blessings for sparkle and joy,
Rev. Marian

P.S. Look at the pics and stories below. We are a vital and thriving community centered on love. And don’t forget to click “donate” on our website to support our Holiday Appeal. 🙂

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Music Sunday with the Choirs!

A fabulous holiday music service was prepared and presented by our choirs and musicians. Nathan let his fingers dance on the keys and Michaela and Brandon led the choirs in a most delightful program.

(l.-r. Nathan at piano with Spirit of Life choir; Michaela and the Spirit of Life Choir; Brandon leads a small group of singers; the Chalice Choir. Photos by Melissa Karas and Rev. Marian)

We LOVE Cookies!

The Cookie Fair was a delicious success!
The Cookie Fair returned last Sunday. So did the smiles. Homemade cookies and treats were selected and put into boxes with the help of Cookie Elves. But not all the cookies made their way home as more than a few were enjoyed in the moment. Regardless of when they are eaten, the cookies lifted spirits and warmed hearts. What a treat and so much joy.

Thank you to everyone who baked and donated. Special thanks to all the Cookie Elves and to our Cookie Fair managers Donna Greenman, Donna Adassa, and Marylou MacDonald.

All cookie ‘dough’ proceeds are used to support our programs (music, RE, justice…) though the Holiday Appeal. The total dough raised was $1,190. That’s a lot of cookies! Yum.
Donate to our Holiday Appeal – thanks!
Fiona reminds everyone to find time to play over the holidays. Just take one of the bright shiny balls that the cat knocks off the tree and have some fun. Or, grab an old tennis ball. Just let loose and play.

NOMINATIONS – – Calling for Nominations – – 

Know someone who would be great? Maybe you?
Each year, your Nominating Committee identifies engaged, thoughtful and energetic congregation members for consideration and election at the Annual Meeting in June. This year, that includes:
  • 6 candidates for the 3 open seats on the Nominating Committee
  • 2 candidates for the 2 open seats on the Board of Trustees, and 
  • 1 candidate for Moderator
If you would like to suggest someone for the committee’s consideration, or are interested in one of the positions yourself, please visit the Nominating Committee table in Fellowship Hall following Sunday services or let us know via this quick form.
Nominating Form

Are you an aspiring techie?

The First UU Sound and Streaming team is looking for a few new volunteers!  If you have experience with sound or streaming production or a great passion to learn, we would love you to join or team! Please contact Andi Mocharski to find out more.
A/V Team

Wanted: Auction Donations

Our 2022 auction is quickly approaching, and we need your donations – your fellowship events, dinners, get-togethers, excursions, vacation lodging, services, gift baskets, gift certificates, food items, physical items, etc. Please use the following link: deadline for entering all donations is Wednesday, January 19. We rely on you to make our auction possible so please, please donate!

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Justice Corner

Amanda Hays, Justice Coordinator

For the latest in First UU Justice News, click the button below.

Justice Update

Upcoming Sunday Service at 10am

Lights of Joy: Winter Solstice Celebration

Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

In the darkness of winter there are celebrations of light. We decorate trees and put lights in windows to bring a bit of joy to the season. Come, let us celebrate the turning of the starwheel.

Last Sunday’s Service

Music Sunday! Holiday Concert Service

Chalice Choir, Spirit of Life Choir, small groups

Dr. Brandon Moss, First UU Director of Music, led our annual holiday performance spectacular! The focus was on light and peace and joy. The (masked) choirs performed in person. The congregation was invited to come in-person – vaccinated, boosted, and masked. It was an amazing service that touched our hearts. Thank you Brandon and Michaela and ALL of the singers and performers.
Watch Previous Sunday Services Here
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Upcoming Celebrations of Life

Betty Powell
Saturday, Dec. 18th at 2pm

Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

Caring Cards last Sunday:

  • Our sympathies to Tony Skrabak and family. Tony’s younger sister, Virginia Ann Wagner, passed away on Friday, December 3, 2021 at the age of 61.
  • Our hearts are with Elaine Fujimura’s family. Elaine’s 98 year old father Shigeru Fujimura died peacefully in his sleep Monday night.
  • Sad news hearing the passing of Phyllis Carlson-Reihm. Phyllis died on December 2.

Joys and Sorrows are shared last Sunday:

  • Tom B: Thoughts go out to those who’s lives were devastated by this week’s tornados.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


Holiday Appeal 

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for December is First UU’s Holiday Appeal. During the month of December your gifts will support our congregation’s Holiday Appeal. These funds help our church to extend our community support and continue our vital programs. Each week we will highlight a meaningful part of our beloved community. Thank you for your generosity.

Our donations have a bigger impact when we give together. Please go to to support our church and our Share-the-Plate offerings.

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Sunday Services

We miss you.
Come back – vaccinated, boosted, and masked.

Join us in the sanctuary. Service begins at 10am.

COVID caseload rates for the Columbus Metro area are going in the wrong direction – up. Please stay safe and get your COVID vaccines, booster, and a flu shot. This helps keep you well and also lessens the chance of you becoming a viral vector to others.

Masks are required in the building.
We have spaced seating in the Sanctuary and Beach Hall.
We will continue to have RE in a safe manner.
BYO Coffee Hour

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