Rev. Talk 11-18-2021

Conversation and musings from Rev. Marian…

Really good news and really bad news…

Let’s get the bad over with first so we can be happy with the good news.

Last Sunday, our online Coffee Hour got Zoom-bombed. More than really bad. It was awful. Our apologies to those who witnessed screens being taken over by vulgar bots. If you need to talk about it, please email me and we’ll find a time.

We had been lucky for 21 months. We used Zoom Webinar and now Youtube Live Stream for online services, but our coffee hour remained vulnerable. There is no foolproof way to avoid bad actors, but we are making some changes so those who gather for online Coffee Hour can enjoy the time.

Starting THIS Sunday, we have created a new Zoom link. The link will change periodically, so please use the Sunday reminder for the latest link. We have also added a waiting room. The host will let you into Coffee Hour as soon as they can. These are measures to minimize exposure and risk. We are trying to make it as easy as possible but also protect us at the same time. Thanks for your patience and for taking the extra steps to make sure we have good community time.

Now for the good news… (and this is exciting!)

Rev. Lynda Smith has agreed to help us with Pastoral Care as we continue our search to fill the open position. Lynda began work this week and will work one-quarter time. She will work with he Pastoral Team Council and the Caring Team. Because Lynda is amazing, she is also continuing her work with our Justice Action Ministry (JAM). Thank you Lynda! Click here to contact Lynda. Lynda’s bio is below.

Some more good news…

The choirs are preparing for a Music Sunday! (Dec. 12th) Rumor has it that the Cookie Fair might return after the Music service (don’t bake cookies yet, it’s still a rumor).

Also, the labyrinth is returning! Thank you Jan Phillips for coordinating hosts and musicians. If you are interested, Please let Jan know. Click here for Jan’s email.

There will be more exciting news and opportunities coming!

See you soon,
🙂 Rev. Marian

Rev. Lynda Smith

Lynda was ordained into the UU ministry in 2006 after prior careers as an elementary ed teacher and an insurance claims examiner for Social Security Disability. She has a BA in Sociology;  MA’s in Sociology, Divinity, and Counseling. She has served as a hospital Chaplain, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Interim Minister at churches in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Lynda and husband, Stuart, joined First UU in 2014. Stuart is a retired Ph.D. in physiology. They have two grown children, Martin and Jeanette. They settled in Ohio to be close to their three grandchildren.

Lynda retired from active ministry in 2016, but remained engaged in Justice Advocacy. She served on the Board of UU Justice Ohio. She will continue her role as Chair of the Justice Action Ministry and a member of the Antiracist Allies group.

Lynda accepts the position of Pastoral Care because she knows that it plays a vital role in congregational life. She has been a receiver of care herself in times of stress and grief. She feels privileged and honored to be trusted to serve this congregation, a vital, learning, and growing congregation. And she knows she has other amazing Pastoral Care people in the congregation to work with.

Welcome Rev. Lynda!


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Columbus Women’s Chorus in Concert
Sunday, Nov. 21st at 3pm
First UU Church of Columbus

Tickets at the door or in advance.

Sunday Services

Start coming back! We miss you.

Join us in the sanctuary. Service begins at 10am.

COVID caseload rates for the Columbus Metro area are continuing to fall and grade-school children are beginning to get vaccinated. As this happens, we are opening up to larger capacities. 
Masks are required in the building.
We will continue to have RE and BYO Coffee Hour.

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Online Coffee Hour will be on Zoom as usual.
This week’s Coffee Hour will be hosted by our Board of Trustees.
All are welcome.

Link reminders will be sent Sunday morning.

The beautiful, old, and diseased blue spruce trees are gone and new landscaping by the main entry is taking shape. Nature will work its miracles as the new plantings grow and mature. Thank you to Barb and Dave for all the landscaping (and weeding)!

Justice Corner

Amanda Hays, Justice Coordinator

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Justice Update

Upcoming Sunday Service at 10am

“Pardoning the Turkey…

Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

We have a cornucopia of Thanksgiving blessings and traditions. Some are a bit wacky, others are time-honored family traditions. We’ll look at a bit of history and explore how we acknowledge the origins of Thanksgiving. We’ll also take time to be grateful.

In just a few words, send Rev. Marian your Thanksgiving traditions. They’ll appear in the service or in a special Thanksgiving edition of Rev. Talk.

Last Sunday’s Service

“Stories and Lessons of Appalachia”
Dr. Linda Thompson and
Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart
How do you say Appalachia? You say it one way, I say it another. That’s true in our stories too. This is our Annual Auction Sermon Topic of Your Choice service. Join Linda Thompson and Rev.  Marian as they share stories and lessons learned for their Appalachian days. 
Watch Previous Sunday Services Here

Chancel Beauty

Last Sunday’s arrangement
Thank you to Su Farnlacher and Denise Deschenes for the chancel arrangements each week.

Upcoming Celebrations of Life

Barb Austin
Saturday, Dec. 4th at 2pm

Betty Powell
Saturday, Dec. 18th

Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

Caring Cards last Sunday:

  • We send caring thoughts to Jeanni Ray. She has been in Riverside Hospital since Sunday, Nov. 7. She is receiving pain medications and has had an epidural for back pain. When discharged she will go to short term rehab.

  • We send healing thoughts to Susan Roscigno. Susan is the longtime teacher and co-ordinator of SYC. She is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

  • We send our healing thoughts to Kelli McNeal, First UU Director of Congregational Life. Kelli had a procedure on Monday, Nov. 8 and experienced complications. She and her partner, Jay, ask for extra loving kindness while Kelli heals.

Joys and Sorrows are shared last Sunday:

  • Christine: My family is healthy, and my son Roland is thriving and learning. I’m so proud to be his mama.
  • Jim and Danya: We are thankful for a safe trip to Canada to see polar bears and the wondrous Northern lights last week.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


Single Payer Action Network 

Our Share-the-Plate recipient for November is Sedona Grace. Sedona Grace is a public charity that provides dog food and treats, AKA Canine Care Packages, to families in need throughout central Ohio food pantries. For more information, click  here visit Sedona Grace Foundation on Facebook.

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