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Hi all,

A few days ago, there was a bit of conversation going on over on our Facebook group that got a few feathers ruffled. Normally, we use our FB group as a way to let folks know what is happening. It’s a great way to support each other and be in the know. It is not a good way to engage in a back and forth. That needs to happen in constructive conversation – which is not social media’s forte.

Not surprisingly, the row was about our pandemic protocols. There is so much anxiety out there – and in us – that different opinions are bound to surface. All in all though, your strong support for our policies, including going online when caseloads are at all-time highs, has been much appreciated. We are all trying to get through to the other side as whole and well as possible.

A part of good leadership is transparency. If anyone would like to have a conversation with the Board, staff, re-opening task force, or with me, just let us know. We’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested, here’s the link we are using to follow the numbers: Another good source for information is

Here is my response to the Facebook posts:

Thank you to all who care about our First UU community. These are challenging times with no ‘right’ way to address the multitude of issues. People have different perspectives and that is part of a healthy discussion (although I don’t believe FB is the best place to do that).

I am incredibly proud of our staff, lay leaders, and congregation for making decisions, including sacrifices, for the good of the whole. We are a multi-generational community in a hyper-segregated culture. The re-opening task force has done an outstanding job trying to find the balance.

Anyway you slice it, this pandemic has been disruptive. I can only imagine that being a parent of young children during this time is one of the hardest jobs of all. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve worked with too many families who have said good-bye to loved ones, sometimes without even being able to be with them in person.

If I could, I would have ended this pandemic a long time ago, but I don’t have those powers. In the meantime, let’s concentrate on how we best support and affirm each other. I miss seeing you all in person and I look forward to being together again soon. It’ll be a grand day. Until then, let’s be together in all the amazing ways tech allows. (Huge shout out to our tech team!)

We are the church that puts love at the center. It’s tough out there, let’s see if we can live into love from where we are. Maybe that’s why we’re here, to practice.

Blessings to all, because we all need blessings.
Rev. Marian

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Next week, Rev. Marian will be participating in a week of professional development at the 2022 UUMA Center Institute for the Learning Ministry. This year’s theme is Faith Empowering Resilience. The Institute occurs on a 3-year cycle, but due to pandemic, this gathering was delayed by two additional years. There are 417 UU ministers registered for this year’s Institute. Many safety protocols and restrictions are in place for the collegial gathering, but the need to share and learn is ongoing. Rev. Marian hopes to return with new ideas and renewed spirit for our work ahead.

NOMINATIONS – – Calling for Nominations – – 

Know someone who would be great? Maybe you?
Each year, your Nominating Committee identifies engaged, thoughtful and energetic congregation members for consideration and election at the Annual Meeting in June. This year, that includes:
  • 6 candidates for the 3 open seats on the Nominating Committee
  • 2 candidates for the 2 open seats on the Board of Trustees, and 
  • 1 candidate for Moderator
If you would like to suggest someone for the committee’s consideration, or are interested in one of the positions yourself, please visit the Nominating Committee table in Fellowship Hall following Sunday services or let us know via this quick form.
The Board is also searching for our next Treasurer. Could that be you?
Contact Don if you’d like to know more.
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All Part of the Family

Kelli McNeal, Director of Congregational Life

We all come with our unique gifts and talents. And we come with our own needs and desires. Being a part of a covenanted community, we are all a part of the family. Taking inspiration from the hit Disney movie Encanto, we’ll look at how we are all a necessary part of this First UU family.

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Joys and Sorrows

You may request that a Caring Card be sent on behalf of the congregation at

Caring Cards  and Joys and Sorrows from last week:

  • Our condolences go out to Lindsay Rodgers and Lacey Short have been caretakers of Linda Keith who died this past week.
  • We send healing energy to Melissa Karas and Tom Roberts and are sorry for their loss. They write: we are Day 5 of Coronavirus pos test and are faring pretty well. Just a couple of bad colds and more tired than usual. We also lost a dear friend who died January 20 in Hospice at OSU while we were Covid positive. Good thoughts to us please with emails, calls or texts appreciated.
  • We know of others who are dealing with Covid. Please take care and let us know if you need anything. We are here for you.

May our hearts be enlarged to hold each other’s sorrow and joy.


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During the month of January your gifts will support our two organizations working to support reproductive healthcare. Pro-Choice Ohio fights for access to reproductive healthcare! In this very moment, our fight is more crucial than ever. Faith Choice Ohio elevates the moral power of faith communities to ensure that all people can access the reproductive health care they need.

In this time of challenge to reproductive health and freedom of choice, our support is timely and necessary.

Our donations have a bigger impact when we give together. Please go to to support our church and our Share-the-Plate offerings.

First UU member Kel McConaughey is the Development Director of Pro-Choice Ohio.
First UUer Jane Larson is on Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation Board.
Rev. Marian is a member of the Board of Directors for Faith Choice Ohio.

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