Congratulations Rev. Isabel! [video]

On Saturday, May 8th at 4:00 pm we ordained Reverend Dr. Isabel Call!  Ordination is a ritual marking the covenant between a minister and Unitarian Universalism.  In our tradition, it is the congregation who ordains, demonstrating our faith in the power of community to choose who will represent us and wear the mantle of authority among us – symbolized in a stole worn over the shoulders and the title “Reverend.”  We celebrate this sacred occasion and milestone in Isabel’s ministry!



Order of Service for Ordination of Rev. Dr. Isabel Call
Isabel Call – Order of Service [PDF]



Ordination Donations to Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and the UUA Living Tradition Fund

Message from Rev. Marian

Ordination is a privilege of the congregation, a rite of passage for the new minister, and a blessing to everyone.  It is a moment in time when a congregation says, “Yes! We see a minister in you.”  According to our UU polity, only a congregation has the right to ordain – a minister can’t ordain, neither can the denomination.  It is a sacred right not to be taken lightly.  For the new minister, ordination is not the culmination of a journey but a milestone along the journey.  Formal education, exams, internships, tuition (but not student loans), are done.  Now the learning continues in a ministerial setting – congregation, hospital, community.  Both the congregation and the newly ordained are fulfilling the hopes and dreams of themselves and of our faith.

Saturday, May 8th, as a congregation, we said “Yes! Isabel, we see a minister in you.”  During the ceremony, Isabel accepted the charge of ministry and was welcomed into collegial relationship.  The congregation presented her with a stole and our First UU Board Chair officially ordainsed her.  There were ministers present (online) from Isabel’s connections.  There was music, dance, image, sermon, and laying on of hands.  Isabel’s mother lit the chalice.

Isabel, thank you for asking our church, the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, to ordain you.  It is an honor and privilege to do so. We all say “Yes!”

Rev. Marian