Justice Update: December 2020

Hear farmworker Oscar from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and organizer Uriel from the Fair Food Alliance as they share an update on the Wendy’s campaign and discuss how COVID-19 is impacting farmworkers. Learn how the CIW’s Fair Food Program, the program that has virtually eliminated gender-based violence and modern-day slavery in the fields, is handling another crisis: COVID-19.

Links to the sites that Oscar and Uriel mention in the presentation:

  • Main Website: www.fairfoodprogram.org/
  • Sign a Petition for the New Campaign: www.boycott-wendys.org/deliverwithdignity
  • Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/CIWonFB/
  • Donate to CIW: bit.ly/fairfoodgiving-2020


Black Lives Matter
Racial Justice & Immigration Focus Group

Casey Christopher Goodson Jr.

Casey Goodson was tragically killed in Columbus by a Franklin County deputy on his way home from a dentist appointment last Friday. He was a 23-year old Black man beloved by many family and friends. The news of another Black person killed by law enforcement in our own community can be emotionally brutal, especially for Black people and people of Color among us. Please reach out for pastoral care if you need extra support at this time. Contact our Senior Minister, Rev. Marian Stewart and Assistant Minister of Pastoral Care, Isabel Call, through the church office (office@firstuucolumbus.org or call 614-267-4946).

Casey’s mother, Tamala Payne, says of Casey, “My son, as I’ve stated a thousand times, was an amazing little boy. And he was still a little boy because he is always going to be my baby,” said Payne. “Just knowing that Jason Meade took his voice, he no longer has one. Therefore, I am his voice and I know that I have to be his voice. … I have to stand up for my son because, if I don’t, no one else will.”

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe that Black Lives Matter, that Casey’s life matters, and we also have ways we can take action!

  • Sign a petition for Casey Goodson
  • Physically come to the Rally for Justice for Casey Goodson: Friday at 6:00 PM, Franklin County Courthouse, 373 S. High St. First UU will be joining the rally with banners and signs. We will socially distance and be wearing masks. Parking suggestion: Statehouse underground garage–then walk down High Street toward the courthouse.
  • Be part of the rally from afar: make signs and drop them off at the church by 5:00 PM Friday.

Women’s Rights
Healthcare Focus Group

The Ohio Senate has approved House changes to Senate Bill 27, legislation that would force health care facilities that provide abortion care to dispose of biological tissue following an abortion through cremation or burial. JAM’s Healthcare Focus Group works with NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, who condemns Senate Bill 27 as a bill “designed to close abortion clinics and shame their patients.”

The bill is now headed to Gov. Mike DeWine‘s desk for signature or veto.

  • You can email Gov. DeWine about to ask him not to sign here.

First Amendment Rights
Democracy & Human Rights Focus Group

House Bill 784 was introduced to the house today. According to our state-wide UU Justice organization, Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio (UUJO),

“House Bill 784 is an unconstitutional threat to fundamental First Amendment rights. This legislation was crafted in response to the tremendous outcry in the streets for democracy and justice after the killing of George Floyd. Our Ohio Congresswoman Joyce Beatty was pepper sprayed in Columbus while exercising her democratic right to assemble and offer free speech.

House Bill 784 attempts to intimidate people and suppress protest by allowing lethal response to protest if someone feels their “life is threatened”  This bill would punish protestors with Felony offenses and high fines for simple acts like blocking a street. And police officers would be able to sue individuals and sponsoring organizations in court.”

  • You can learn more and sign a petition here.