Justice Saturday

Welcome to Justice Saturday! with Rev. Marian

Each week, we will feature a different aspect of how we do justice at First UU. There will be ideas to ponder, actions to take, and activities for all ages.

What does justice look like while sheltering in place? There is a huge divide in how this plays out. Some can escape to other places; some stay at home – with or without kids, internet, food; while others go to work at essential jobs. Justice includes reaching out, noticing, and saying “thank you”. We all know that some are losing jobs and work hours. Some have lost childcare even though they still have to go to work. Reach out. Help where you can. And never forget gratitude, especially to our essential workers and healthcare providers.

More information on how you can help…

Write THANK YOU notes: always valuable

Join UU Cares: a buddy system for well-being checks with First UUers. Contact Bob Mills or Rev. Eric to participate.

Donate to MDF (Minister’s Discretionary Fund): a fund used to help First UUers in times of need.

Kroger gift cards: Contact Jan Phillips to donate to families living in churches.

Emergency Food Bank for Undocumented Workers: please do NOT drop off food or goods at church as it is closed until further notice. Go too UUJO.org for information on how to contribute.

LOVE – what does it mean to you?: Submit your thoughts and creative ideas to Rev. Marian.


Thanks for joining us for Justice Saturday. See you tomorrow at church online!

You can join the Justice Saturday conversation on Discord.