Virtual General Assembly 2020!

You Are Invited

Virtual General Assembly 2020 offers Unitarian Universalists an opportunity to gather and deepen our connections with each other and our faith. In addition to the General Sessions, Synergy, Service of the Living Tradition and Sunday worship, registered attendees can also enjoy daily morning worship, Welcoming celebrations, live workshops, an on-demand library of programming, presentations by featured speakers and special events such as coffee hours, worship reflection time, and evening entertainment.

REGISTER TODAY! (UUA Online Registration Link)


What’s the Schedule?

This year the five-day General Assembly schedule has two versions – Eastern/Central and Mountain/Pacific – to make it easier to reference what’s happening throughout each day.


Get excited for June: Director LaTonya Richardson shares program highlights in a new facebook video.


Why Register?

General Sessions (the business of the Association), the Service of the Living Tradition, Synergy Bridging Worship and Sunday Morning Worship will be open for public viewing. Interactive programs, featured speakers, and online chat participation for General Sessions are available to registrants only. Make sure you have registered to secure access to the most content and conversations!

An Invitation to Sunday Service

Congregations are encouraged to host watch parties or view the General Assembly Sunday Service as part of a private Zoom meeting. Sunday Service, featuring Rev. Joan Javier-Duvall, minister of the Unitarian Church in Montpelier, VT will be broadcast twice – at 10am Eastern and again at 10am Pacific time. The collection taken during the service will benefit the Tomaquag Museum, an indigenous museum featuring an extensive collection of art from Southern New England tribal communities.



The GA Planning Committee Reflects On the Benefits of A Virtual GA:

  1. Virtual events are measurable. It is easy to track which sessions are most popular, how many people attend, what regions are represented, and much more. This information can then be used to improve overall event strategy in future years.
  2. Virtual events provide creative opportunities for relationship building. There are a number of ways to leverage technology and hosting so that attendees can meet one another, have conversations, and share resources.
  3. Virtual events offer flexibility and creativity ~ even at the last minute. Information can be updated or modified and ideas shared in real time.


This is our first time doing GA on this scale virtually. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Think of it like a family celebration. We are not on the stage. We are in the kitchen cooking together! It is a celebration of love, life, and hope. Somebody will forget an ingredient; not all of the food will taste good; some dishes will be too spicy for some and not spicy enough for others. It doesn’t matter because WE WILL ALL BE FED! We are building something together. We are so precious. Our love for one another is so genuine that we long to have shared, memorable, celebratory experience.


The Sunday afternoon “Legacies of Colonial and Resistance” is currently being re-imagined. The emphasis of this open to the public, Sunday afternoon event, was to create a counter-narrative to the what was expected to be summer celebrations of the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing. This event was focused on centering the resistance efforts of indigenous activists, primarily in New England, and building solidarity among UU’s and non-UU’s in these resistance efforts.

Virtual General Assembly will continue to have workshops, featured speakers, and worship that focuses on Indigenous history, Unitarian Universalism’s history, complicity with 400 years of colonialism and conquest, and will feature prominent indigenous leaders within and beyond Unitarian Universalism as originally planned.