Friday News – August 5, 2022

Happy Friday!

There are three important announcements in today’s email that I would like to draw your attention to:

First, we have a Sunday Service plan for the Fall! Worship services will move to 11:00 with 10:00 being time for Community Gathering and Breakfast. In order to make sure that we have breakfast each Sunday though, we need volunteers. If you are interested in helping to cook and serve breakfast, please let me know. We’ll then have Coffee and Conversation after the service. If you are interested in helping with Coffee, please let me know. See the announcement below for more information.

Second, we are asking for your help in supporting two wonderfully kind First UUers. Kristen Hartman and Myra Cooley are getting married next Friday at 2:00 at the church! Kristen and Myra’s families are unable to attend and so we are hoping to surround them with the love and support of their First UU family! Please see the announcement below for more information.

Third, we are going to be implementing a mask required section of the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. There are many people in our community who have medical conditions that are requiring that they continue to mask, even when the rest of the world feels they do not need to wear a mask any longer. We also know that some in our community feel safer knowing that they have a mask on and will be around those who are masked as well. Therefore, the section of the sanctuary on the right side as you’re facing the chancel, by the tech booth, will now require you to wear a mask. If you are wearing a mask, you can sit anywhere you would like in the sanctuary, but if you sit in the mask required section, you must wear a mask.  If you choose not to mask, the rest of the sanctuary is available to sit. As one of the people in our community who has an auto-immune condition that would make it very dangerous for me if I were to get Covid, I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of a community that is welcoming and inclusive to all. Thank you so much for helping us to keep everyone safe in a way that also ensures that all are welcome in our building.

I also want to say thank you to everyone who has already RSVP’d to my ordination.  I can not believe that it is now only three weeks away! I hope that you are able to join us for this celebration on Saturday, August 27th at 2:00pm. RSVP here, and scroll down to that section for more info! Thank you all for the amazing support you have shown me on this long journey to get to this point. I am so excited to continue working with you all officially as Rev. Kelli!

Kelli McNeal
Minister of Congregational Life

*Please let Kelli know of any announcements you would like in Friday News by 8 pm Wednesday, and put “Friday News” in the subject line – so that we can be sure to not miss your email! Let us know if you have any questions!

For your protection from scammers and stalkers, we have an OPT IN directory. You have to let us know if you want your name and contact information included! If you do not let us know using the OPT IN option, you will not be included. And your church friends will have a hard time reaching out to you. (You only need to fill this out ONCE.)

If you would like to be included in the directory, please fill out this membership update form and let us know which information you would and wouldn’t like listed. If you are a member and would like a copy of the directory, please contact Marian Garcia in the front office. 

Announcements at a Glance

  • Sunday Service – 8/7
  • Fall Sunday Service Plan
  • How to Attend the Service
  • Masks Highly Encouraged
  • Hartman/Cooley Wedding -8/12
  • RSVP Now: The Ordination of Kelli McNeal! 8/27
  • Spots Available for Peace Camp! + Donations Needed ASAP, thru 8/12
  • Help a Refugee Family – now in Columbus, preparing for an apartment
  • Volunteer to Teach Our First UU Kids and Youth!
  • Calling All Artists! – 8/21
  • Labor Day Retreat
  • Auction Save the Date
  • Auction Items Still Available!
  • Interfaith Association of Central Ohio Main Event – 8/14
  • Bill Cohen Concert – 8/19
  • Upcoming Events
  • Calling All Teachers and Helpers!
  • Peace Camp
This Week’s Sunday Service! 8/7
Deep Connections

Join us on Sunday, August 7th at 10:00am. Science has shown that every atom in our bodies and in the Earth itself was once int he core of a star that exploded eons ago. Studies of the human genome show that we are related to all living things. In the past few years, we’ve learned that our health is directly influenced by our microbiome – the enormous ecosystem of bacteria and fungi that inhabits our bodies. The health of our microbiome, in turn, depends ont he health of the microbiomes of the plants that feed us; and the health and nutritional content of those plants is determined by the microbiome of the soil in which they grow. Literally, “The Earth is Us.” There can be no deeper connection.

We’ll explore these connections through segments of a video – “The Earthling Project,” created by Les Kleen, with narrations by several A-S-H members. In the end, we must realize that protecting our planet is essential for our own future.

You can find the Earthling Project video here.

Worship Presenter: Tom Bailileul and the Atheists, Skeptics, and Humanists group
Join us at 10am, in person or online!

We Have a Plan!
Curious about what Sunday services are going to look like in the fall? Wonder no longer! Beginning Sunday, September 11, our Sunday mornings are going to look a little different than they have this summer. The schedule is:

9:30-10:00: Meditation

The Sanctuary will be open for quiet, non-guided meditation

10:00-11:00: Community Hour

Breakfast will be served at 10:00* and classroom space will be available for small groups, classes, meetings, discussion, etc. We will have activities like art projects and puzzles available as well.

11:00-12:15: Worship and RE

Our service will begin in person and online at 11:00. Religious Exploration (RE) for children will be provided.

12:15-1:00: Coffee and Conversation

Coffee and snacks will be provided.* Some Sundays, we will have justice action opportunities available. The Peace Pals children’s choir will also practice during this time.

*Please note that both breakfast and coffee require volunteer support and will not be offered if we do not have volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for either breakfast or coffee, please contact Kelli. If you are a member of the Care and Share Time Bank, you can get credits for volunteering on Sunday mornings. For more information about the Care and Share Time Bank, please email Michael Greenman.

How to Attend the Service
1.) Join us in person! 93 W Weisheimer Rd, Columbus, OH 43214

2.) Tune in for our live broadcast, via!

3.) Or watch the recording later, on our website!

Masks are Highly Encouraged
We highly encourage wearing masks and healthy hygiene practices – as case numbers continue to rise in our local area, and within our First UU community due to the latest variant. We recommend masking indoors, frequent hand washing and sanitizing (including upon arrival at the building), covering coughs and sneezes, and staying home if you or your household has symptoms of illness or a likely exposure. These policies may change based on shifting conditions. Please see Rev Talk for more info.
It’s a Wedding!!
You’re invited!!
Please join us in celebrating the nuptials of First UU members Kristen Hartman and Myra Cooley.

Because of the alarming news of the Supreme Court potentially taking up and then overturning marriage equality, Kristen and Myra made the difficult decision to move up their wedding date. This move means that their families are unable to attend. We are asking all of us, their First UU family, to surround the couple with love by attending their ceremony and reception.

When: Friday August 12 at 2:00pm
Where: First UU Columbus
Attire: Come as you are – but be ready to dance!

If you would like to help financially contribute to the wedding fund, you may give online at: or make a check out to the church. In both cases, please indicate that your donation is for the Hartman Wedding. (Please note that these donations are not tax deductible.)

RSVP Now: The Ordination of Kelli McNeal! 8/27
First Unitarian Universalist Columbus and First Unitarian Universalist Richmond will be jointly ordaining Kelli McNeal to the Unitarian Universalist Ministry! RSVP here!

Please join us in person (with reception to follow), or enjoy our live-stream option!

Saturday, August 27, 2022 at 2pm, at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, 93 W. Weisheimer Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43214

Kelli will also be preaching the sermon in our 10am service the following day, Sunday, August 28th. See you there!

Spots Available for Peace Camp! + Donations Needed
We still have a few openings for Peace Camp – REGISTER NOW, and tell your friends!!! Peace Camp is a space in which we explore what “peace” means, feels like, and how to navigate those things which challenge it (stressors, difficult relationships, and even things happening in the world around us). The curriculum is designed for our elementary school aged kiddos.

Peace Camp starts next week, and we need your help! We have some fantastic projects planned for our campers, and are still looking for some supplies! Please note: we DO NOT need any magazines or toilet paper rolls (short cardboard tubes) at this time.

  • Scrap wood pieces: approx 1” to 12” in size, any shapes
  • Plastic yogurt containers
  • Plastic lids from 6-packs, lids for pretty much anything (they work for buttons or for parts of faces and so much more)
  • Tin cans (if clean, and not too sharp, preferably no label)
  • Boxes: Shoebox size and smaller
  • Any unusual shape cardboard pieces (often seen in packaging)
  • Long cardboard tubes: paper towel, wrapping paper (no TP tubes please!)
  • Egg cartons- cardboard only
  • Tissue Paper
  • Streamers and ribbons
  • Spools
  • Buttons
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Pretty much anything that seems you could add to a “robot” or “computer” or a dollhouse size building constructed out of recycled materials would be what we are looking for! No styrofoam please!

Drop off donations at First UU: Label items “Peace Camp” and leave them in the box in the Mailroom. Due to limited storage space, we can only accept donations through the last day of camp, August 12th (earlier is preferable)! Please contact Amber Scott, Director of Religious Exploration, or Jenifer Bojanowski, Peace Camp Coordinator, with any questions. Thank you for supporting this amazing program!

Help Kehilat Sukkat Shalom Resettle a Refugee Family
Kehilat Sukkat Shalom welcomes you to join us in helping resettle a family from the Democratic Republic of Congo through a new Catalyst/Community Partnership program with Columbus-based US Together and HIAS (formerly Hebrew Immigration Aid Society). The family of seven (two parents and five children ages 14-4) has arrived in Columbus, and is staying in a hotel until their apartment is ready. We need to raise $5,000 to help support their resettlement. Please click here to give as generously as you are able by sending a check, direct bank payment, or PayPal TODAY! (Please mark contributions: Refugee Settlement Support).

In addition to dollar donations, we are collecting various household, medical, educational, and other supplies. If you are interested in donating material goods, please click here to review the list of needs and sign-up. Thank you for helping us perform the mitzvah of welcoming the stranger!

Volunteer to Teach First UU Kids and Youth! 
Invest in the future of our congregation and our world by volunteering with our children and youth! Your help is needed to create a robust program and the community that we dream about! Volunteers are generally asked to participate about two Sundays per month, with a flexible schedule and plenty of support. Fill out this form to volunteer with our Religious Exploration (RE) programs for children, youth, and families next church year! Thank you!
Calling All Artists at First UU!
The Mother Earth / Father Sky First UU Art show is coming soon!

For the beauty of the earth: What are we doing to and for our earth? What do we get from the earth? How do we celebrate the earth?

This art show is open to all (no you don’t have to be a member), 2-D art, any media, framed or finished. Make your art safely hangable. Drop off is Sunday, August 21st from 11:00-12:00 at the church. The show will be up August 26 – October 30.

Please contact Deb Baillieul if you intend to participate or have any questions: (614) 687-6968

Labor Day Retreat
You are definitely going to want to come to Labor Day Retreat this year! First UUers will be offering fun activites throughout the weekend. And, everyone will be bringing great snacks and beverages to share for happy hour/appetizers on Saturday and Sunday. To see all the fun planned activities and register for Labor Day Retreat click here.
Available Auction Items
SAVE THE DATE! – Our next auction will be in the fall of this year – Saturday, October 22nd, in the evening. We are planning for an in-person event. Our theme is Back Together for Our Future, a play on the film Back to the Future.

Keep an eye on this section for upcoming auction events that still have availability!  To read a description of each event, please visit the auction website and click on “Catalog Grid” and then “Dated Events.” If you would like to purchase a spot(s), please contact the Auction Team.

Spots Available & Price per spot

14 spots

16 spots

5 spots

3 spots

24 spots

Item/Event Available

Annual Summer Fossil Hike
Offered by Steve Molk
Saturday August 6th @ 9:30am

Cajun/Creole Feast
Offered by Jake Huber & Georgeann Neuzil
Saturday August 6 @ 5pm

Just Right Vegetable Chili Dinner
Offered by Rich & Marcia Canter
Saturday September 10 @ 5pm

Trip to Arc of Appalachia- Hopewell Mound & Hike
Offered by Karen & Dick Dawson
Saturday September 17 @ 8:45am

Fall Outdoor Labyrinth Walk
Offered by the Saveson-Otten Family
Saturday September 24 @ 2pm

Join the Conversation on Facebook
Follow the First UU Facebook Page, and join our Facebook Group to connect!
Interfaith Association of Central Ohio 2022 Main Event
Welcoming New Americans: Faith Perspectives & Responsibilities

The United States was established as a nation of immigrants. Over its history there have been both stories of hope and success as well as those of despair and discrimination. Join us as Joe Mas, Vice-Mayor of Worthington, leads a panel discussion focusing on the experiences refugees and immigrants transitioning into American society and the role that faith communities play in this process.

Sunday, August 14, 2022
In person or online (no lunch)

1:00 pm gather, Lunch at 1:30pm
Bharatiya Hindu Temple
3671 Hyatts Road
Powell, Ohio 43065

In Person: $25.00 – includes vegetarian lunch
Online Program Only: $10.00

Registration Deadlines:
August 7, 2022 In Person
August 13, 2022 Online Program

Tickets available for Online Purchase Only via EventBrite

Oldies But Goodies Concert: Fun, Music and Memories
If you like the early rock songs of 1957-63 and the memories they spark, please join Bill Cohen Friday, August 19th for a fun “oldies but goodies” concert. Bill will be doing hit songs made famous by the likes of Chubby Checker, Ricky Nelson, the Everly Brothers, Sam Cooke, Paul Anka, Del Shannon, Fabian, the Drifters, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and others.

Beautiful doo-wop background vocals will be added by the Harmonettes (Jackie LaMuth, Renilda Marshall, and Teresa Schleifer.) And, we’ll be backed by instrumental wizards Brian Szuch on electric lead guitar and Renilda Marshall on bass.

We’re suggesting $15 per person donations at the door, with proceeds going to senior citizen programs of the Clintonville Resource Center.

Where: Overbrook Presbyterian Church 4131 N High St.
When: Friday, August 19th @ 7:30pm

This Week for Families

  • Summer RE w/ Jen B for 3-11years, 10-11am (SYC 201 and playground)

Upcoming Events

  • Fourth Friday Picnic! 6pm 8/26
    (Lower Whetstone Park, near the playground)
  • Peace Camp! 8/1-8/5, 8/8-8/12
  • Labor Day Retreat at Camp Oty’Okwa 9/3-9/5

Peace Camp! 

More Info + Register Here!

Session B: (for 9-11yrs) August 8th-12th, 9am-Noon

Calling All Teachers and Helpers! 

Fill out this form to volunteer with our programs for children, youth, and families next church year! Thank you!

Pandemic Policy Update 

We suggest children age 2+ years wear masks while indoors, but may choose to take them off outside. We encourage all families to do what feels comfortable and safe for you!