UU History 101, part of the Faith Forward Path, is a 7 session introduction to concepts & people from our history in this series, we approach history from the starting point of compelling stories & personalities. We will explore the questions those people faced, and make connections with our own lives & the world around us today. The overarching question is: how can history be translated into our religious life & practice? In addition to learning about history, we hope you will learn about yourselves. 

Please register below to receive the Zoom information and the course materials. We are offering the class at two different times: Monday Mornings from 10:00-11:30 or Monday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30.  It is not required that you attend every session, so if you have to miss a class but still want to participate, please do!  Any questions, please email Kelli McNeal (kelli@firstuucolumbus.org). 

Course Schedule

  • Nov 1 – A Question of Conscience
  • Nov 8 – A Question of Love
  • Nov 15 – A Question of Experience
  • Nov 22 – A Question of Resilience & Courage
  • Nov 29 – A Question of Identity
  • Dec 6 – A Question of Calling
  • Dec 13 – History of First UU