Welcome to Curiosity Friday! First UU is a community of folks who love learning, so each Friday we will explore a question or story that captures the imagination. Topics will range from gardening tutorials to what good may come of this time of social distancing.

There will be questions for you as well, and, of course, please share any ideas you have for what you’d like to see here. That discussion will take place here  https://discord.gg/JBUAgx  in addition to the church web page and our usual forms of keeping in touch.

The members of any community are its heart and soul. Yet there is always more to learn about one another.

One of the goals of Curiosity Friday is to help us know one another more deeply. With that in mind, we begin with an interview Rev. Eric conducted with First UU Music Director Brandon Moss.

Because Rev. Eric’s voice is muffled here, these are the questions he asks Brandon:

– Some of us may not know you. Please introduce yourself to us.
– What is the topic of your dissertation?
– Do you consider yourself a musician or conductor?
– What music do you love to listen to and/or perform?
– What would you say to parents with children at home for the coming weeks?

Thank you, Brandon!


Questions for All

What music most inspires you?

Are you someone who (secretly or not) sings in the shower but never in public?

Is there an instrument you have longed to learn how to play? What would prompt you to begin?

And, what would you like to see lifted up in a future Curiosity Friday?


Community Chats Have Begun

Last night 28 adults, several beloved pets and one adorable toddler took part in the first of a weekly video conference hosted by Revs. Marian and Eric called Community Chats. Some of the participants are pictured below. (Who remembers the show Hollywood Squares?)

Join us next week on Thursday night from 6-7pm. Look for the web link in next week’s editions of First UU Online!


Community Generosity

During the weeks to come, when we are called on to practice social distancing, or what I’ve also heard called Healthy Spacing, we will need our connections to each other more than ever. If you haven’t already, sign up to be part of our daily buddy system First UU Cares, reach out to church staff with your ideas and hopes. Practice saying Thank You.

And please remember that everything we do stems from generosity. The congregation and our share the plate partners remain here for you and so many others. Text to Give: 614/879-1480. Thank you!