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SUNDAY, JANUARY 19: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart presents “Lift Every Voice.”  Join us for a dynamic celebration of MLK and the Civil Rights Movement. Rev. Ron Payne, a First UUer, was in Selma and will tell us all about it. Wahru Cleveland and Joyce will be … read more.

Latest Announcements


SUNDAY, JANUARY 12: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart will present “Still Waking Up.”  Rev. Marian will share stories from her dissertation on inherited racism. She will also share how things have changed and evolved since publication.

8:30am  Sunday Breakfast (Rooms A/B)

9:00am/11:00am  Worship Celebration (Sanctuary)

10:10am  Middle Hour:

Creative Expressions (Room B, … read more.

Latest Announcements

SUNDAY, January 5: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart will present “Barn’s Burnt Down — Now I Can See the Moon.” This evocative Haiku written by Mizuta Masahide, a 17th century Japanese poet and samurai, is good metaphor as we journey through our Unitarian Universalist six sources … read more.

Latest Announcements

THIS SUNDAY, December 22: From campfires to yule logs to sacred stories, humans have found ways to mark the winter solstice and make the dark days brighter. Light not only brings heat for the body, it warms the soul. In this season of holiday, some … read more.

Latest Announcements

SUNDAY, December 22: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart and our Religious Exploration program will present Lights of the Season. Feel free to wear your favorite holiday attire (ugly Christmas sweaters…).

A Pastoral Team member will be near the Caring Table in Beach Hall after each service as a … read more.

Announcements 12/6/2019

SUNDAY, December 8: Rev. Eric Meter will present One Step, Smile, Candle at a Time. As nights are at their longest, we don’t look only to candles to light our spirits, we look to the compassion of others as well. One step and smile at a time.

8:30am  Sunday … read more.

Announcements 11/27/2019

THIS SUNDAY, December 1: Congregational Life Coordinator will present “Living into the E-Word.” What are our principles calling us to as Unitarian Universalists? What do we do when our instincts tell us to do one thing, but our principles call us to a different path? Together, … read more.

Announcements 11/22/2019

THIS SUNDAY, November 24: Join us for our annual Thanksgiving service, where we pause for gratitude and share in the bounty of community. We will also talk about ways to bridge divides and enjoy the day.

8:30am  Sunday Breakfast (Rooms A/B)

9:00am/11:00am  Worship Celebration (Sanctuary)

10:10am  Middle Hour:
… read more.

Announcements 11/8/19

THIS SUNDAY, November 10: The world is challenging and at times we don’t know where to turn. The question for today is: Where do you find hope? If you were to write a letter about hope to younger generation(s), what wisdom would you offer? Email … read more.

Announcements 11/1/19

THIS SUNDAY, November 3: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart will present “Please Report Suspicious (Religious) Activity.” Are we afraid of what is different? Curious? As we delve into our Unitarian Universalist third source, wisdom from the world’s religions, we lift up what has informed our own faith. We’ll also … read more.