Author: Rev. Dr. Marian Stewart

Tuesday Talk 11/5/2019

First Friday Fun!
More than 50 kids of all ages enjoyed a Harry Potter themed evening at hUUgwarts.

Tuesday Talk

On Sunday I told a story about a friend who is an imam at a mosque. He lives his life in a mindful manner consistent with … read more.

Tuesday Talk 10/29/19

Dumpster diving raccoon style.
Dave Richter snapped a few pics of Rocky Raccoon in action.

Tuesday Talk

Happy Halloween First UUers!

Allie here with an update from the Board happenings from this month.

I’m excited to announce that we have filled the vacancy on the Board! Heidi Ballard, a … read more.

Tuesday Talk 10/23/19

First UU Youth Pumpkin Carving Fun
Thank you to Amber and volunteers for helping!

Tuesday Talk

When I was a kid, I had trouble with some words. My kindergarten teacher’s name was Mrs. Tompkins but for me, her name was Miss Punkins. And on every Halloween since, … read more.

Tuesday Talk 10/18/19

A visitor was spotted this week in the bird garden by the staff entrance.
What is it? An alien? A feline? A painted Jac-o-latern?
Another mystery: where did it come from?

Tuesday Talk

Sometimes, things just come together. And, they are much better than you could have … read more.

Tuesday Talk 10/9/19


Tuesday Talk

I woke early this morning to chill in the air. Still cooling off after the  heat of the last few weeks, I had the window open a bit for fresh air, but also to listen to the waking birds. I had energy for the day … read more.

Tuesday Talk 9/14/19

On Friday, Red Oak* Community School’s 3rd-5th graders took the COTA bus down to the Statehouse to participate in the Ohio Climate Strike. They opened the event with two songs they learned in class and afterwards they joined other participants on the steps of the statehouse … read more.

Tuesday Talk 9/17/19


Maddie Catty taking a break while Rev. Marian works on Sunday slides and service.

Tuesday Talk

Our guest columnist is Rev. Kathleen Fowler and she has exciting news/opportunity…

First Unitarian Universalist Church and the Jung Association of Central Ohio (JACO) are announcing a partnership that promises benefits to both … read more.

Tuesday Talk 9/13/19


Brian Hagemann and Dave Richter are ready to welcome you to Middle Hour!
They are standing in Beach Hall at one of the new tables for Table Top Conversations. Don’t worry, there are chairs too.

Tuesday Talk

It’s way past Tuesday! Big apologies for the lateness of Tuesday … read more.

Tuesday Talk 8/21/19

Hello First UUers,

Wow! It is so good to be back home. Vacation was wonderful but as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, “there’s no place like home.” I might not have Toto in my arms, but my, oh my, has my little kitten grown into … read more.