Author: Rev. Eric Meter

Curiosity Friday – How to stay curious

Welcome back to another installment of Curiosity Friday! 

This week, we’re back to one topic – curiosity itself – and the question, “How can we best stay curious in these challenging times?”

Hello, everyone.

Great to be with you all again.

Welcome to another installment of Curiosity Friday.

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20.03.27 Curiosity Friday

Welcome back to another installment of Curiosity Friday! 

This week I have two offerings for you. In the first our religious educator Amber Scott joins me to offer a tutorial in now to navigate some of the tech that will help keep us connected to one … read more.

Curiosity Friday – Brandon Moss interview

Welcome to Curiosity Friday! First UU is a community of folks who love learning, so each Friday we will explore a question or story that captures the imagination. Topics will range from gardening tutorials to what good may come of this time of social distancing.

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Rev. Joel Miller 15 March 2020

Dear Members and Friends of First UU Church,

As you know, last Sunday we gathered as a community to worship together for the last time in what may prove to be a while. Our guest speaker was the Rev. Joel Miller, who grew up at First … read more.