20.03.27 Curiosity Friday

Welcome back to another installment of Curiosity Friday! 

This week I have two offerings for you. In the first our religious educator Amber Scott joins me to offer a tutorial in now to navigate some of the tech that will help keep us connected to one another in the weeks to come.

If you are feeling yourself faced with a daunting learning curve getting all this sorted out, don’t despair! We really are all in this together.

In addition to the video above, here are two documents our Congregational Life Coordinator Kelli McNeal put together. These will walk you through getting set up on and then navigating an application named Discord. (Great name for this time we’re in, don’t you think?) Discord is a platform for hosting online chat conversations to help keep us in touch with one another. Kelli’s instructions will help guide you in the process:

1) Discord – How To Sign Up

2) How to Use Discord

If these aren’t enough, we’ve set up an email support line, onlinehelp@firstuucolumbus.org. We’ve got your back.


And if all that tech talk is more than enough for you, let’s change gears.

As this blog is titled Curiosity Friday, I have a question for you: Where in the world were the following photos taken? Note: they were all shot in one general location earlier this week.

Submit your guesses on the Curiosity Friday site on Discord. If you are new to Discord, here’s a direct link for you: https://discord.gg/SWkZtt. The first correct answer gets to pick a future Curiosity Friday topic!


Community Generosity

During the weeks to come when we are called on to practice social distancing we will need our connections to each other more than ever. If you haven’t already, sign up to be part of our daily buddy system First UU Cares, and please reach out to church staff with your ideas and hopes. Practice expressing your appreciation of one another.

And please remember that everything we do stems from generosity. The congregation and our share the plate partners remain here for you and so many others. Text to Give: 614/879-1480. The Ministerial Discretionary Fund Rev. Marian and I use to help those going through hard times is going to need your support more than ever in the weeks to come. Please be as generous as you can be. Thank you!