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Selected Sermons and Podcastspodcast 2

We try to make selected sermons available in audio format here. Let us know if you have any problems or need help accessing what we have posted.  Not every sermon is available in audio format or pdf.

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MP3PDFDate           Sermon TitleLISTEN ONLINETotal Time
download2018-2-4-O Wise Heart, Speak - Rev. Marian Stewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

23:27 min
download2018-1-7-Journey to the Heart - Rev. Marian Stewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

22:39 min
(Restoring Ourselves - Lisa Brandt)

14:47 min
download2018-1-21-A Welcoming Congregation Story - Amanda Hays
(Amanda Hays)

18:53 min
download2017-12-17-Letting The Light In - Rev. MarainStewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

17:29 min
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

19:54 min
download2017-11-26-Beyond Potato Salad Faith
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

21:37 min
download2017-11-12-I Know This Rose Will Open
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

22:25 min
download2017-10-29-Sharing Our Sorrows
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

6:25 min
download2017-10-22-Expecting Greatness - Amanda Hays
(Amanda Hays)

17:54 min
download2017-10-15-Radical Hospitality
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

20:55 min
download2017-10-1-Hospitality The Risk of Being Comfortable
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

8:49 min
download2017-9-10-Water Communion
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

1:13:49 min
download2017-9-3-Sensing a Disturbance in the Force
(Amy K. Watson)

21:54 min
download2017-8-27-Lynda Smith-Communing 3

4:34 min
download2017-8-27-Lisa Brandt & Marge Lynd-Communing 2

6:20 min
download2017-8-27-Kittie Palm Houser & Lisa Brandt-Communing 4

8:41 min
download2017-8-27-Ginnie Vogts & Marge Lynd - Communing Part 1

2:40 min
download2017-8-20-Prayer Envy Rev. Eric Meter
(Rev. Eric Meter)

13:36 min
download2017-8-6-New Beginnings Rev. Marian Stewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

21:23 min
download2017-7-30-You Are Here Rev. Dana Rynolds
(Rev. Dana Rynolds)

20:29 min
download2017-7-23-Let Us Be Shelter For Each Other Rev. Lane Cambell
(Lane Cambell)

15:33 min
download2017-7-16-Language Matters
(Debra Boyd)

19:17 min
download2017-7-9-Beginning New Rev. Jennifer Brookes
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

18:20 min
download2017-7-02-We The People Rev. Jennifer Brookes
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

29:39 min
download2017-6-25-Cultivating Gratitude Rev. Lane Cambell
(Lane Cambell)

15:36 min
download2017-6-18 Choose Joy - Rev. Eric Meter
(Rev. Eric Meter)

13:26 min
download2017-5-28 Scars - Rev. Eric Meter
(Rev. Eric Meter)

12:10 min
download2017-5-21 Learning to Ski - Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

22:06 min
download2017-5-7 What Do You Do With An Idea - Rev. Marian Stewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

21:25 min
download2017-4-30 Looking Inside - Rev. Marian Stewart
(Rev. Marian Stewart)

4:13 min
download2017-4-23 A Brave New World- Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

18:37 min
download2017-4-16 Awaken to Life
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

9:39 min
download2017-4-9 You Call This a Parade
(Rev. Eric Meter)

16:52 min
download2017-03-19-For Times When We Risk Boldly And Make Mistakes
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

1:11:22 min
download2017-03-12-Should We Just Scrap the 3rd Principle
(Steve Abbott)

26:22 min
download2017-02-05-Who We Are
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

21:09 min
download2017-02-19-American Innocence
(Rev. Eric Meter)

14:50 min
download2017-01-22-Ripples - Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

9:28 min
download2017-01-15-The Long Arc
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

26:02 min
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

21:12 min
download2017-01-01 A Journey Begins
(Lane Cambell)

6:19 min
download2016-12-11 Presence
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

23:57 min
download2016-11-27 21st Century Male
(Rev. Eric Meter)

22:59 min
download2016-11-06-A Sudden Burst of Light - Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

26:09 min
download2016-10-23-Every Conversation is a Cross Cultural Conversation-Rev. Tamara Labak
(Rev. Tamara Labak)

19:40 min
download2016-10-16-Pay it Forward - Rev. Mark Belletini
(Rev. Mark Belletini)

12:55 min
download2016-10-16-Building Our Lives Beyond Categorical Thinking
(Rev. Eric Meter)

27:51 min
download2016-10-2-Resilience - Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

18:05 min
download2016-09-25-Saying Goodbye to The Lone Ranger
(Rev. Eric Meter)

17:10 min
download2016-9-18-The Heart of the Church - Rev. Jennifer Brooks
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

23:10 min
download2016-09-04 - Good Without God
(David Krohn, Various)

41:24 min
download2016-08-28-The Intimacy of Vulnerability Rev. Lane Cambell
(Lane Cambell)

16:24 min
(Amy Watson)

20:33 min
download2016-08-14 - Waking Up
(Rev. Jennifer Brooks)

34:40 min
download2016-8-07-Outing Racism in the Post Racial Age - Tony Mcdonald
(Tony Mcdonald)

18:15 min
download2016-07-31-Reflections on the Experience of Loss-Rev. Kathleen Fowler
(Rev. Kathleen Fowler)

7:19 min
download2016-10-07-What I Learned From
(Morgan Pattern)

11:13 min