First UU Columbus

A Welcoming Congregation

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We invite you to participate in our Worship Celebrations on Sundays: 9:15am & 11:00am - (10:00 am during summer months)


chancel_mark_from_balcony_opt_tallOur ceremonies are diverse in their content and style. The worship we Unitarian Universalists have come up with over the years is both emotional and rational, filled both with images and with the breaking of images. Our worship is both cautionary and celebrative, filled with stories and the unusual interpretation of stories. But in the worship service in our free church, agnostics can worship next to those who lift up images of the divine. grudge_opt

Worship is our human way of trying to shape our understanding of what is most valuable, most worthy, most honorable. We long ago figured out that there is no way to thread our way through the maze of conflicts in life without help from others, others at our side. Sure you can worship in the woods, by yourself, but we deem worship together to be richer, not to mention that it's easier to sift the false from the true with many hands, not just two. Working together, we can figure this all out, and how we shall therefore live our lives for the better.

We bow to the worth of our everyday existence, to the miraculousness of life as it is. We bow to ourselves, the universe itself performing a brief dance of awareness before merging back into the flow of creation. We bow to our companions in this cosmic dance. The act of worship is thus the act of waking up to see the ultimate worth of ourselves and of the universe of which we are a member. It is to remember who we are, and to re-member ourselves (as bodies) in performing the simple sacraments of everyday enlightenment (as one teacher puts it), chopping wood and carrying water." A flow in the dance called the universe.