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Who participates in Justice Action Ministry?
We all do. JAM members are church members and/or friends who are interested in participating in social justice activities. Some members are involved with particular projects or programs and some are members-at-large.  Any member or friend is welcome to attend our meetings.

When and where are JAM meetings held?
JAM meetings are typically held at 7 p.m. on the 4th Monday of each month, in Room 7 at First UU. Occasionally the date, time, or location will be different. Please check the church calendar for the latest info, or contact Steve at (614) 397-3051.

How are JAM activities funded?
JAM funds come from a portion of the First UU budget.  Donations in addition to this are also accepted. Checks should be made out to First Unitarian Universalist Church, with “Justice Action Ministry” written on the memo line.

What types of groups or projects does JAM support?
JAM supports a wide range of projects that benefit our own neighborhood, city, state, country and the world.  All groups/organizations strive to provide equal rights, access to resources, and support for basic human needs, with a focus on the disenfranchised.  JAM/SJ Committee brochure and web pages detail each of the groups/organizations and projects that the committee supports.

Can a donation be specified for a certain group or project of JAM?
Only BREAD, Heifer International, Fair Trade products and Feed My Sheep (food pantry) can receive direct donations.  Checks for BREAD and Feed My Sheep can be made out to those organizations.  Checks for Heifer and Fair Trade products should be made out to First UU Church and “Heifer” or “Glob Econ” (Fair Trade), written on the memo line.  All other donations to the committee are shared by the groups and projects the committee supports.

How can I get my project/group to be a part of JAM?
Proposals for new projects/organizations, etc, may be presented at any monthly meeting for inclusion in the committee’s work.  Each proposal must have a church member of friend who will be a contact person/organizer for the project.  The committee does not take on projects itself.  Requests for funding are reviewed during the budgeting process each Summer; a limited amount of emergency funds is available throughout the year.  Your first step would be to contact JAM chair Steve Palm-Houser at (614) 397-3051 to discuss your project/organization. 

How can I find out about JAM/SJ activities I may want to participate in?
JAM activities are announced in the biweekly First UU newsletter, The Discoverer.  JAM members often have tables in Fellowship Hall about their project, and any interested party may sign up to be on our email action alert network, the SJ Action list.  The SJ Action list provides notifications of SJ activities in our community, state and nation.  To sign up, send your email address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

What political activities does JAM support?
JAM does not endorse any candidates for office. JAM does work with the Franklin County Consortium for Good Government to present candidate nights, and promotes bills, issues, and/or referendums that fit our commitment to justice. JAM also provides mechanisms for citizens to contact their representatives to make their voices heard on Social Justice issues.

I would like JAM to help me publicize a community event I am involved in.  How can JAM help me? Requests for publicity for community events that are not a current project/group of JAM may be presented at the monthly JAM meeting, or you may contact JAM co-chairs between meetings.  Following team review, the event may be publicized through an SJ Action Alert email and/or placed in the Discoverer newsletter, in the monthly JAM Events section.  Information may also be placed on the Church’s Community Events Bulletin Board by directly contacting the church Administrator.

Where do I find forms to apply for funds, volunteers or for reimbursements?

Reimbursement forms are available in the JAM slot in the church workroom at the back of the desk. Funding application forms for JAM projects are available from these links: Word format PDF format

Who can I contact with questions?
The JAM brochure and the JAM Projects and Partners page list all of the project/organization contact people. Or you can contact Steve at (614) 397-3051).