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Adult Enrichment Program Proposal

Summary of the process 
  1. You volunteer to offer a class or are recruited.
  2. Schedule your class or event with the Administrative Assistant, Marian Garcia and place a tentative hold on it.
  3. Complete this form as completely as possible. Course catalogs are printed in August, December and March. Please propose your course two months prior to publication.
  4. The AEP Committee will review your proposal at its next monthly meeting.
  5. If your class is approved, confirm the dates with Marian and give her set up information. Write a suggested article for the newsletter and a very short blurb to use in the Order of Celebration. You may make a poster.
  6. We take registrations every Sunday morning and on-line. You will be sent copies of the on-line registrations as they come in and you can review and make copies of the  the in-person sign ups at the AEP table any Sunday.  You do not have to require registration.
  7. About two weeks prior to your first class, pick up your packet at the AEP table and phone or email each registrant.
  8. You give your course/workshop. Follow the information in your packet about requesting donations and turning them in.
  9. You give us feedback on the course and the process.
Other important information •    AEP Instructors serve as volunteers and will not be paid for classes offered. •    Reasonable costs for class materials such as printing are reimbursable and all classes must cover their expenses. Please keep track of your contributions. For more detailed information please read Facilitator Guidelines.
Are you willing to offer this course at the North UU Congregation