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Written by Jim Pinkham   
Friday, 10 February 2017 00:00

candyheartse 632812019 First UU Auction Fundraiser

Our Bidding on the Side of Love Auction was a great success and we all had a blast!  Thanks to everyone for their attendance, donations, and generous support.

It looks like we knocked it out of the park - at this point we have raised over $34,000 - well over our $30,000 budget goal.  Hooray!!!

There are still some open spots at various events we will sell for the next two Sundays 2/18 and 2/25 in Fellowship Hall.  You can also settle up there if you missed checkout.

In addition to those who provided food and donated wonderful events, services, and items (too many to list here), please join us in appreciating the hearty team efforts from everyone who helped make it all run so smoothly!

Your efforts are very much appreciated - Thank You All!!

2018 Auction Team Chair

Cathy O'Neil

Auction Team Members

Danya Furda, Sharon Hammersley, Paula Hook, Kitty Durham Jones, Maureen Keyhani, MaryLou MacDonald, Peggy McKee, Jim Pinkham, Nancy Rafert, Candee Rothert, Jeannie Sperling, Carole Wilhelm


Paul Delphia

Live Auction MC

Judy Vasquez

Live Auction Recorders

LuAnn Grover, Carolee Noonan

Live Auction Runners

Marilyn Beerman, Tom Beerman

Silent Auction Set Up

Barb Avery, Kay Fisher, Jan Phillips, Caroline Raynor, Chris Sullivan

Silent Auction Monitors

Alice Faryna, Kristen Figg, Kathleen Fowler, Kitty Jones, Katherine Lawson, Carolee Noonan, Jan Phillips, Katie Swett

Silent Auction Closers

Bob Aldridge, Bob Intrieri, Candee Rothert, Chris Sullivan

Computer # 1

Kelly Blake, Celia Elkins, Chris Johnson, Erin Reilly-Sanders, Tony Skrabak

Computer # 2

Kelly Blake, Celia Elkins, Carl Faulstich, Bob Graffagnino, Mitch Gross, Susan Hayashi, Pat Hoffman, Chris Johnson, Bill McDonald, Deb McGuire, Sharon Oliver, Erin Reilly-Sanders

Computer # 3

Celia Elkins, Carl Faulstich, Gretchen Faulstich, Bob Graffagnino, Mitch Gross, Susan Hayashi


Larry Drake, Heidi Drake, Kay Gaskill

Raffle Ticket Seller

Bill Fiorini, Barb Fiorini

Seat Holder Seller

Julie Carr Smyth

Volunteer Table

Elaine Fujimura, Peggy McKee


Florence Jain

Head Cooks

Dave Douglass, Rick Voithofer

Cook Assistants

Leonore Abruzzo, Cliff Adams, Heather Pierson

Dinner Assistants

Cynthia Hansen, Roger Hansen, Dan Rothert

Kitchen Clean Up

Bob Aldridge, Carol Aldridge, Caitlin Ballinger, Dena Demis, Marge Lynd

Appetizer Waiters

Nate Blake, Lee Cook, Teddy Davidson, Tanner Durst, Lilias Fierbaugh, Raven Hansen, Bethany Hefner, Makayla McCreary

Bake Sale Volunteers

Holly Adams, Kay Gaskill, Sharon Hamersley, Florence Jain, Nancy McDonald, Erin Reilly-Sanders, Dana Reynolds


Leslie Armstrong, Laurie Brown, Doris Cornell, Doug Dickinson, Cathy Elkins, Su Ann Farnlacher, Kitty Jones, Rick Kritzer, Darlene Lazarow, Nancy McDonald, Nancy Rafert, Beki Test, Glenn Waring

Coffee Baristas

Arlene Polster, Linda Royalty, Diane Smith

Facility Set-Up

Sandy Coen, John Hume, David Krohn, Steve Lovejoy, The Old Farts


Donna Adassa, Marilyn Beerman, Fluff Fiscus, Elaine Fujimura, Sarah Graffagnino, Brian Hagemann, John Hume, Alison Katz, David Krohn, Joan Matyskella, Nancy Mayfield, Pat Owens, Kittie Palm-Houser, Linda Ross-Sides, Jeannie Sperling, Joanne Wiggins, Judy Vasquez

Auction Clean Up

Bob Aldridge, Carol Aldridge, Kelly Blake, Doug Dickenson, Bill Fiorini, Barb Fiorini, Emily Fogel, Diane Fowler, John Hume, Norm Maschner, Bob Mills, Carolee Noonan, Dan Noonan, Candee Rothert, Dan Rothert, Lynda Smith, Staurt Smith, Paul Steffen, Laurie Weltlin