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Written by Jim Pinkham   
Monday, 27 February 2017 00:00

auction superheroes2017 First UU Auction Fundraiser

Our Superhero Auction was a great success and we all had a blast!  Thanks to everyone for their attendance, donations, and generous support.

The numbers are in now, and we raised just over $32,000, which is quite a bit more than the $27,000 we had budgeted.  Hooray!

In addition to those who provided food and donated wonderful events, services, and items, it took a Justice League full of Auction Heroes to put on this Marvel-ous event!

Your efforts are very much appreciated - Thank You All!!

2017 Auction Team Members:

Our Names & Positions/Duties

Jo Anne St. Clair, and Cathy O’Neil, Auction Team Co-Leaders

Jim Pinkham, Computer Program Designer, Catalog Coordinator, and Computer Volunteer Leader

Marylou MacDonald, Decorations & Environment Coordinator

Cathy O’Neil, Silent Auction Coordinator

Paula Hook, Silent Auction Deputy

Carole Wilhelm, Appetizers Coordinator

Jeannie Sperling, Raffle Coordinator

Jennifer Johnson, Auction Volunteers Coordinator

Peggy McKee, Auction Volunteers Asst. Coordinator, Bakery/Bake-Sale Coordinator

Paul Steffen, Food & Kitchen Coordinator, Clean-up Crew Coordinator

David Douglass & Rick Voithofer, Dinner Coordinator/Chefs

Roger Hansen, Sous Chef

Maureen Keyhani, Bakery Co-Coordinator

Brian Hagemann, Graphic Designer

Cathy Elkins, Bar Volunteer Coordinator (the most coveted job!)



Jim Pinkham, Leader



Tony Skrabak

Chris Johnson

Linda Ross-Sides


Silent Auction Sales Entry:

Chris Johnson

Bill McDonald

Pat Hoffman

Amanda Miller

Rick Kritzer

Dennis Rankin

Bob Graffagnino


Nancy Nehring

Joe DelMedico



Debra Boyd

Pat Hoffman

Bob Graffagnino

Dan Hronek

Jim Pinkham



Cathy O’Neil, Coordinator


Silent Auction Set-up:

Caroline Rayner

Kay Fisher

Barb Avery

Marybeth McDonald

Jan Phillips

John Hume

Katherine Lawson

Jack Holdford


Silent Auction Table Monitors:

Kathleen Fowler

Carolee Noonan

Kristin Figg

Curtis Greene

Sue Bolen

Susan Williams

Alice Faryna


Silent Auction Closers:

Kathleen Fowler

Carolee Noonan

Kristen Figg

Patty Monroe

Emily Fogel

Alex Barr

Aiza Maxwell


Auction Catalog:

Jim Pinkham, Layout and printing

Danya Furda, Catalog Co-Coordinator

Olwen Firestone, Proofreading

Fluff Fiscus, Item Descriptions

The whole team, Catalog Folding and wine drinking



Marilyn Beerman

Danya Furda

Karen Townsend

Donna Adassa

Jeannie Sperling

Jo Anne St. Clair

Maureen Keyhani

Karen Keenan

Su Farnlacher

Mary Henrich



Jo Anne St. Clair, Coordinator


Live Auction Master of Ceremonies & Assistant to Auctioneer:

Jo Anne St. Clair


Live Auction Auctioneer:

Paul Delphia


Live Auction Recorders:

Deb McGuire

Patty Monroe

Elaine Fujimura


Live Auction Runner:

Lu Ann Grover





Dave Douglass

Rick Voithofer

Roger Hansen



Carole Wilhelm, Coordinator

Heather Pierson

Bakery (during Silent Auction):


Maureen Keyhani, Coordinator

Bob Mills

Florence Jain

Charles Miles

Cassie McNabb

Judy Vazquez


Bake-Sale (during Live Auction):

Sharon Hamersley, Coordinator

Sarah Graffagnino

Louise Eberle

Linda Thompson

Candee Rothert

Lynda Smith

Su Farnlacher

Kay Gaskill

Beki Test

Kittie Palm-Houser

Erin Reilly-Sanders


Dinner Servers:

Roger Hansen, Coordinator

Paul Steffen

Joan Matyskella



Cathy Elkins, Coordinator



Coffee table Baristas:

Marla McMichael-Liston

David Maywhoor




Ticket Takers:

Kay Gaskill, Coordinator

Leonore Abruzzo

Thom Pegan

Stuart Smith


“Seat-Savers” Sales:

Kelly Blake


Serving Appetizers and clean up

Donna Adassa

Lilly Colegrove

Rebecca Colegrove

Makayla McCreary

Azia Maxwell

Cam Loesch


Sign Maker

Kitty Palm-Houser


Decoration Artist

Elaine Fujimura


Raffle Sales:

Jeannie Sperling, Coordinator

Heidi Drake

Michael Greenman


Money Counter:

Debra Boyd

Jo Anne St. Clair


Sound Technicians:

Doug Reeder



Denni Hale

Su Farnlacher


Set-Up Volunteers – Friday:

Marylou MacDonald, Coordinator

Steve Abbott

Eve Catus

Dave MacDonald

Bob Mills

Ben Johnson

Florence Jain

Sandy Coen

Kitty and Oliver Jones

Fluff Fiscus

Terry LeMaster

Tom and Marilyn Beerman

Susan Williams

Bertina Povenmire

Aiza Maxwell

Jack Holdford

Bob Intrieri

The  "Old Farts"


Set-Up Volunteers – Saturday:

Marylou MacDonald, Coordinator

Jane Tessier

Tom and Marilyn Beerman

Bob Mills

Bertina Povenmire

Steve Abbott

Su Farnlacher

Judy Vazquez

Thom Pegan

Eve Catus

Dave MacDonald

Kittie Palm-Houser

Leonore Abruzzo

Chris Sullivan

Bob Intrieri

Jack Holdford

Nancy Nehring


Live Auction Clean-up Crew:

Paul Steffen, Coordinator

Tim Leidinger

Paul McGowan

Preston Newkirk

Marge Lynd

Heather Pierson


Please show your appreciation to everyone listed here, and anyone else we may not have included.