First UU Columbus

A Welcoming Congregation

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Mission Statement

We are here:

• To learn and practice true hospitality
• To revere the reasoning mind and the generous heart
• To claim our diversity as a source of our strength, and
• To relinquish the safety of our unexamined privilege
for the freedom to engage in transforming justice

Vision Statement

To fulfill this Mission, and to make it come alive in ourselves, our children, our community and our world, we seek to:

1. Center ourselves in worship and other celebrations. In this we express our desire for wholeness in a broken world, through communal joys, shared sorrows, and the gifts of word, art and music.

2. Build caring, honest relationships in all aspects of congregational life. Through this we grow an intergenerational, multiracial community of lifelong learning, spiritual depth and committed stewardship.

3. Confront inequity and the effects of oppression in our community and our world. Toward this we mobilize for social, racial and ecological justice, through interfaith action and political engagement.

4. Advocate for religious freedom and an accountable conscience. By this we affirm the values of our historic liberal tradition and proclaim the worth of each unique spiritual journey.

5. Welcome everyone to join our central Ohio congregation, no matter who they are or how they weave family. From this we can envision together a world transformed by justice into a common home of peace.