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First UU Blog - Rev. Jennifer Brooks - Blessing PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rev. Jennifer Brooks   
Tuesday, 03 May 2016 00:00

blog blessingAt the end of our Sunday morning worship celebration, there’s a moment we call “Blessing.”

It’s a time when we stretch our hands out to one another and to those who are absent or not yet among us. Usually one of the ministers says a few words. In some places those words are called a benediction and they’re mostly a blessing offered by the minister for the people.

At First UU, I think of it as a moment when the people bless each other.

Think of it. We are gathered in community. We are touching. We symbolically affirm both our interconnectedness and our welcome to those not present. This is a kind of communion; it is the blessing of presence. It’s a moment when we recognize that we’re part of something greater and deeper than the individual self.

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First UU Blog - Rev. Eric Meter - On the Road with Henry PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rev. Eric Meter   
Tuesday, 19 April 2016 10:57

blog henryThe other day, when I came home from work, I noticed my neighbor’s four-year-old son behind the wheel of his mother’s car. (Our two houses share a driveway.)

“Henry, are you driving?” Big, big grin. “Do you have the car keys with you?” Bigger grin and a playful nod. At this point I realized this might have gone very, very wrong. Thankfully, it didn’t. Henry didn’t actually have the keys with him. And after a minute of us talking about where he was going to drive to, his mother came around the side of the house with the family dog, and the young boy’s attention drifted away from the steering wheel.

The thing is, part of me wanted to be Henry again, fully embraced in the creativity of imagination. As the psychologist Judith Wallerstein says, “No one works as hard as a child at play.”

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First UU Blog - Rev. Jennifer Brooks - Creation PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rev. Jennifer Brooks   
Tuesday, 05 April 2016 11:30

swansA few years ago I was canoeing with a friend. We came quietly through a narrow passage to a wide stretch of water where 17 swans (we counted) sailed in serene silence.

As if the universe had decided to deliver a sign, one swan spread its wings and began to run across the water. Webbed feet beat a cadence on the pond’s surface (flump-flump-flump-flump) as it raced miraculously in a straight line crossing right to left in front of the canoe. Only after a hundred yards of running on water did it lift into the air. It rose and turned and soared, circling back to where it had begun. The others sailed on harmoniously, as if their companion’s running and lifting was a composer’s intentional counterpoint to their deliberate, sonorous theme.

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First UU Blog - Assuming Positive Intent - Amy Rudawsky, SYC PDF Print E-mail
Written by Amy Rudawsky   
Thursday, 31 March 2016 16:31

Let’s all try to assume positive positive1

Several years ago we had an in-house staff workshop which focused on the theme: Assume Positive Intent.  It really resonated with the staff on a professional level and at least for me on a personal level as well. 

Just think a moment about that phrase and what it means.  Assume.  Positive.  Intent.  

Relationships are part of our everyday life.  We interact with people all day long.  Some interactions are positive ones and some leave us feeling not so good.  What if we use a positive lens to look through those negative interactions instead?  Then, we could respond with more compassion and acceptance.

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First UU Blog - Rev. Lane Campbell - Every Day is a New Beginning PDF Print E-mail
Written by Rev. Lane Campbell   
Wednesday, 23 March 2016 18:12

newbeginningsDuring these days of sunshine and warmth, new found in the season’s turning, I am especially in touch with life and living.  As I walk around my neighborhood, people are outside of their houses anew- re-emerging after this somewhat cold winter.  We are all coming out of hibernation together and it feels refreshing, renewing even.  This season brings with it so much newness in the new growth that is all around us, in the flowers that bud and then bloom, in the tender, green shoots coming up out of the earth.

But this season is not just about new creations, new beginnings in the natural world.  It is also about new beginnings within each of our hearts and in our lives.

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