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Church Committees & Teams
Adult Programs Team PDF Print E-mail

The Adult Programs Team helps plan the multitude of adult programs offered at our church - great classes and seminars taught by ministers and lay members alike and special seminars, lectures and other events. These classes offer an opportunity to explore spiritual, politcal and other themes within a setting that promotes passionate discourse and lively ideas. Committee members help choose topics, recruit facilitators, and help with registration and promotion.

Board of Trustees PDF Print E-mail

Governance of the church - overseeing all isssues related to personnel and property - is the job of the Board of Trustess. Twelve Trustess are elected (four each year for a term of three years) at the annual meeting of the congregation. The Board then elects a Board Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary. The Board also appoints a Church Treasurer and an Assistant Treasurer. These five persons along with the Church Moderator (also elected at the annual meeting) comprise the six officers of the church. There are ex-officio members of the Board as well. These are the ministers, the Director of Religious Education, the immediate past Board Chair, and a youth representative, selected by the youth to serve a one-year term. The Board meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday.

Building & Grounds Team PDF Print E-mail

The Building & Grounds Team looks over the maintenance and operation of our lovely building and makes sure the facility and its grounds are a great place for us and for our visitors.  We have opportunities for handy people of all abilities to help us, from weeding/landscaping to minor repair work, cleaning and cosmetic improvements.  We organize the twice annual "Work Days" and the new Mid-Summer Nights work events.  Connect with nature as you help maintain inviting and beautiful landscaping to complement our church building.

The Green Team is works on our environmental projects, sustanable operations, recycling and is hoping to initiate a Green Sanctuary Certification process.  If you are interested in ecology and our seventh principle as UU's, the Green Team might be just for you!

The Memorial Garden Team manages and maintains the Memorial Garden and Scatter Garden. The Memorial Garden is First UU's special place for celebrating the lives and mourning the deaths of our members, families and friends. It is enjoyed by groups and individuals as a place of meditation and peacefulness.  The day to day work and upkeep of the Garden is done by volunteers.  Twice a year volunteers trim, weed and mulch during fall and spring clean-ups. No plant or garden expertise is necessary.  We also have pavers and the granite plaques inscribed, remove dead plants and replace them, consider lighting solutions, and work with the irrigation company.  The Memorial and Scatter Garden team is responsible for maintaining the Scatter Garden Register and the applications for brick inscriptions.

Do you have a decorator's eye and a discerning taste?  The Art and Space Team was established to make decisions regarding decorating the church. Signage, furniture & artwork, space usage... Help make the church a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place for all of us.

And the kitchen - it's not just another room in the house.  It's the birthplace of meals for the homeless twice each month. Of coffee for the coffee hour, and brunches for the Sunday Forum. Also, each month it is rented for memorials, weddings and other groups, bringing income for the church. In just one hour, at your convenience, you can wipe counters, clean the fridge or wash some dishcloths - and help preserve a space where meals nourish both our bodies and our souls.

Caring Team PDF Print E-mail

With empathy, interest, and a small amount of time, you can help the team, as it seeks to be aware of and respond to the specific joys and sorrows of the individual church members and friends. You can help with caring cards, assist at memorial services, and/or help to plan workshops. This standing committee meets monthly. Or, become a member of the Caring Network to provide short-term, supportive, emergency care for members and friends in your area as needed. You can also help to loan medical equipment to members and friends.

Committee on Church Ministry PDF Print E-mail

The Committee on Church Ministry is reponsible for making sure our called clergy, our lay leadership, and the congregation are all on the same page as far as serving in our common ministry.

Communications Team PDF Print E-mail

Put your "spin" on the First UU image by getting involved in the communications.  Your ideas for both internal and external promotion of our Worship Services and many programs will help us keep the flame of our chalice burning.  We have several areas of activity: publication of the official newsletter, The Discoverer, maintenance of the bulletin boards, administration of the website, e-mail communications, social media, and advertising and public relations.  People with skills in marketing, writing, graphics, advertising or public relations can contribute their talents on an ongoing basis or on a project basis.  Contact the church office if you have these skills and can help.

Covenant Group Steering Team PDF Print E-mail

This team oversees a network of small groups comprised of church members who come to rely on one another for support and companionship during their spiritual journeys through life.  These groups are bound to one another and to the church by the mission and vision they share and by the guidance of the ministers.

Finance Committee PDF Print E-mail

Good stewardship means having a vested interest in the financial health of our church. Are you willing to talk about issues and policies affecting our congregation? Members monitor and start the budget process each year, as well as work on special projects as needed, meeting monthly for approximately 1 1/2 hours. The chair is appointed by the Board, and shares this standing committee's information with the Board of Trustess each month.

Justice Action Ministries PDF Print E-mail

New members often comment that one of the greatest appeals of this church is its commitment to social justice.  This standing committee sponsors education, and multiple opportunities to reach out into our community to persons and groups who need help.

Library/Bookstore Team PDF Print E-mail

As UU's we believe that revelation is not sealed - meaning that inspiration can occur from exploring literature of all kinds, from all cultures. The Bookstore and Library aspire to provide an avenue for obtaining literature on the history of Unitarian Universalism and other spiritual traditions and a variety of other tomes which can inform spiritual life.

Membership Team PDF Print E-mail

•    Provides Greeters to welcome Visitors and Members
•    Follows up on questions and requests from Visitors
•    Conducts “Getting to Know Unitarian Universalism” sessions after services
•    Conducts the “Path to Membership” classes for those interested in joining the Church
•    Coordinates the new Member Recognition Ceremony
•    Follows up with new Members, to help them integrate with our Church
•    Maintains the New Member Bulletin Board, with photos and profiles
•    Helps update the Church membership rolls

Nominating Committee PDF Print E-mail

Wonder who prepares those diverse slates of wonderful candidates for us to vote on at the annual meeting?  Chosen by the membership, this standing committee ensures that church members’ interests are represented by selecting high-quality candidates for the Board of Trustees, the Nominating Committee, Moderator, and (if needed) the Search Committee for a settled minister.  Members of the Nominating Committee are elected to identify gifts and talents from a broad spectrum of church members to become our future leaders.  Serving for two-year terms, committee members met twice a month if needed from September through May.

Personnel Committee PDF Print E-mail

Serving on this standing committee allows you to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the salaries, benefits and working conditions of non-ministerial staff.  Some HR experience is helpful.  Board-appointed committee members must be people-oriented, respectful of staff time and talents, have the ability to research local compensation scales and regulations and resolve conflicts, and maintain good records.  Each serves 2-3 years.  Our goal is to have happy and competent staff helping us with our church's mission.

Stewardship Team PDF Print E-mail

This standing team fuels the church and all its activities.  Responsible for raising the funds that our church budget requires, their chief activity is the Annual Budget Drive, the canvas of all members to obtain pledges for the operation of the church.  Team members organize major fundraisers, such as the Auction,  the Holiday Appeal, and Planned Giving.

SYC Committee PDF Print E-mail

This committee maintains and guides a church-sponsored weekday school, based on a philosophy of humanitarian values, and open to young children without regard to race, creed, sex, or socio-economic level. The committee preserves the SYC philosophy, which is to be responsive to each child's needs, to encourage expression of feelings, to foster self-discovery and self-worth-all in an environment of free play.

Worship Team PDF Print E-mail

Inspired by the beautiful format and thought-provoking content of our worship services?  Being a member of this team allows you to represent the congregation as you assist the ministers in presenting Sunday services.  Activities include making sure the chancel is outfitted with candles, readings and announcements, planning major "themed" services and scheduling and screening summer lay-led services, and being a service "coordinator", which includes speaking from the pulpit, advancing slides or other assistance as needed.

Youth RE Team PDF Print E-mail

This team is involved in the programming for the middle school through senior high youth.  Set policy, recruit and support youth advisors, and recruit volunteers to support activities such as youth conferences and fundraisers.  This team also functions as an advocate for youth and youth interests with in the congregation.