First UU Columbus

A Welcoming Congregation

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Our congregation has been a voice for liberal religion in Columbus for over six decades. It is a place where people on a variety of spiritual paths come together to grow in religious depth and to learn about and embody their faithfulness in the world. The heart of the various covenants that have bound Unitarian and Universalist congregations together for over 400 years rests on the great words: freedom, reason, tolerance, and unconditional love. fuuc_cranes_opt

Although we do not subscribe to a common creed, Unitarian Universalists do commonly affirm the worth and dignity of all persons, the call to live a deeper, less superficial life, the practice of working for social justice, and the reasonable discourse between people who see the world through differing theological lenses. First UU Church, a lay-governed congregation, is affiliated with the Unitarian_Universalist_Association (UUA).  Within the UUA, it is part of the Ohio Meadville District.

First Unitarian Universalist Church offers many opportunities to grow spiritually, be challenged intellectually and to build community.

To learn more about our faith, browse the links in this section of the website or watch a short introductory video produced by UUA using the link below.



Voices of a Liberal Faith (video)