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A Welcoming Congregation

Sunday, April 30, 2017


First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus is a place where people on a variety of spiritual paths come together to grow in religious depth.

Our congregation lifts up our lives within community so that we may feel ourselves more deeply rooted and connected to our earth and the wider circle of beings.  We are empowered by our commitments to greater loving, wider justice and deeper happiness.

Please join us as we create community, grow in spirituality, practice charity and work for social justice. We welcome you in your struggles, your doubts and your dreams.


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All Are Welcome

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As a "Welcoming Congregation",
we have formalized our commitment to be inclusive and expressive of the concerns of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender persons at every level of congregational life.

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Search Committee Update
Written by Brian Hagemann   
Tuesday, 25 April 2017 11:02

searchWe are excited and proud to share with you our Ministerial Search Packet/Website that is now available for you to view online.

The Search Committee launched a website in January to support our search for a senior minister for First UU (this is what was formerly called “The Informational Packet”). The site was made available for prospective ministerial candidates to learn about our congregation. We now invite you to take a look at it; we think it tells a great story about our wonderful church community. You can access the website here.

Your ministerial search team,

Lou Bernard, Larry Drake, Donna Greenman, Judy Kleen, Christine McDevitt, Emma Merchant, Willow Otten, and Morgan Patton

Presenting Rev. Marian Stewart
Written by Brian Hagemann   
Thursday, 13 April 2017 09:57


Candidating Week
Presenting Rev. Marian Stewart

The Search Committee has spent the past several months interviewing many candidates. We are now excited to present our final candidate for Senior Minister, Rev. Marian Stewart.

RevMarian smiling at Christmas service

We hope you will all take the opportunity to get to know Rev. Marian during Candidating Week, from April 30 through May 7, when she will preach bothSundays.  Join us for one of the events below to hear her speak, ask questions about her ministry, or share your hopes for First UU.  The entire congregation will vote to call her on May 7, at 12:45, in the Worship Center. The vote will be in Yes/No form and taken by written ballot.

Throughout the week, Rev. Marian will also be meeting with the Board, staff, and several teams and committees.  If you are a member of one of these groups, check your email for an invitation.

Questions about the process or need more information about an event?

Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or ask a Search Committee member: Lou Bernard, Larry Drake, Donna Greenman, Judy Kleen, Christine McDevitt, Emma Merchant, Willow Otten, Morgan Patten

click here for full schedule and more
Settled Senior Minister Candidate Selected!
Written by Brian Hagemann   
Sunday, 02 April 2017 00:00


[The Ministerial Search Committee was pleased to make this announcement at both services last Sunday, April 2, 2017:]



 Good Morning!

Since August of last year, the Search committee has worked toward today: the day we can announce to you that we have selected a candidate to be our new Settled Senior Minister.  We couldn’t be more pleased and excited.  

Her name is Marian Stewart and she comes to us from the Seattle area.  Marian has a wealth of knowledge and experience to lead First UU into the next phase of our congregational life.  She has been Minister at her present church for nine years, where she has nearly doubled the membership.  She has a bachelor’s degree in Management, attended Meadville Lombard for her Master of Divinity, and has a doctorate in Ministry from Seattle University. She has a passion for Social Justice, reads management books for fun and goes blueberry picking with church families.  Best of all, she has shown us she’s the kind of minister who will love and guide us with a warm heart and an energetic spirit.


We can’t possibly tell you all her wonderful qualities in the time we have this morning.  You’ll just have to meet her when she comes for candidating week from April 30 through May 7.  Marian will preach both of these Sundays followed by a vote on the 7th.  Stay tuned for updates on the Search Bulletin Board, and email blasts with additional information regarding opportunities to interact with Marian.

All of us on the search committee want to thank all of you, members and friends of the church, for the trust and guidance you’ve given us along the way, and the patience you’ve demonstrated throughout this long process.

The time to celebrate is near.

Thank you again from the Search Committee:  Judy Kleen, Morgan Patton, Lou Bernard, Larry Drake, Donna Greenman, Emma Merchant, Willow Otten, Christine McDevitt

Rev. Eric Meter - Skydiving . . .
Written by Rev. Eric Meter   
Tuesday, 28 March 2017 00:00

blog em skydivingHearing the word risk often brings back the memory of the first, and only, time I jumped out of a plane. I’ve lived a great deal since that day over twenty years ago, and my understanding of risk has matured a bit since then, but I’d be lying if I said that day didn’t make a lasting imprint on me.

As much as I remember the thrill and the silence of seeing the world with nothing under my feet buy air and a curious circling hawk, what I think back to the most took place inside the plane before any of us jumped.

The plane was a small one, with the insides gutted except for the pilots seat. It could take four “jumpers” up at a time. We arranged ourselves in order of who would jump first, second.... I was second, so I was directed to sit behind the pilot’s seat facing backward. This was fine with me, I was facing my friend Bill, who would jump third, and the guy would jump last in our group. Looking to my left, I could see the guy who would jump first. But as the plane picked up speed and started to rise, instead of being pitched back, I was pitched forward and suddenly I was very glad it had been hours since lunch. Bill must have seen how quickly I turned green, because he reached out and took my hand.

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Rev. Lane Campbell - Ordinary Everyday Risk
Written by Rev. Lane Campbell   
Tuesday, 21 March 2017 00:00

blog lc riskI have to admit- risking is not something I come to easily. I have often admired people willing to take a leap of faith, willing to step into things previously unknown. But that is not me. You will not find me jumping off of cliffs into a deep pool of ocean. You will not find me running into a burning building. Sometimes, it's just hard to try new foods or to get into a social group where I have not previously been.

A part of the reason I am risk-averse is fear. There are times when I hold back, stay silent, disengage because the fear is so deeply felt. Fear of making a mistake, fear of people not liking me, fear of what I do not know, fear that what I believe will happen will actually happen. There was a time in my life when I lived like this all the time. It took deep healing work to get out of that place.

Part of the problem in considering risk is that I think of the big ones. I think of those folks who go bungee jumping or sky diving. I think of people who constantly travel alone to places they have never been. These are big risks! And risk doesn't have to look like that is our everyday lives. In fact, it often doesn't.

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Rev. Jennifer Brooks - Are We Afraid to Take the Risk?
Written by Rev. Jennifer Brooks   
Tuesday, 14 March 2017 00:00

blog jb valuesAs I’ve traveled around the United States, visiting and serving Unitarian Universalist congregations, there’s one thing I’ve noticed that troubles me: how invisible our values are.

Many of our buildings are set back from the road, sometimes with only a sign to signal their presence in the neighborhood. Usually it bears the name of the congregation. Usually that name includes “Unitarian,” or “Universalist,” or both. Usually the name includes the word “congregation” or, sometimes, “church.” Sometimes there’s a tagline like the one on our sign on Weisheimer: “All Are Welcome.”

But almost uniformly these signs don’t make visible to passers-by the values we cherish. There’s often nothing to indicate anything about our covenant-based, values-centered invitation to create a life with meaning and purpose. In a sense, our exterior signs and signals say: “You decide who we are.”

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Elevator Speeches from First UU members

We have a doctrine, a sacrament and a prayer, but they are all actions.  Love is the doctrine of my church.  The quest for truth is our sacrament.  Service is our prayer.  We try to dwell together in peace, to seek knowledge in freedom and to serve human need.  All the rest is commentary.
David Krohn